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    sent you a PM, thank you!
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    Hey guys, have not been on here a lot lately, but used to get good codes and other items from this site so just wanted to throw some codes back this way I just received. I don't know if you guys still experience the damn lurkers because I used to ask for PMs for codes to avoid their lazy asses...
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    Free $5 fandango codes

    LOL I blame it on SD!
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    Danimal's So Easy Contest II We Have a Winner!

    Great opportunity! Thank you. I would like Assassin's Creed: Unity for Xbox One if I win!
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    Titanfall BETA Keys (XB1)

    As promised! Thanks cocksie, my day just became cooler
  6. iKnowledge

    Titanfall BETA Keys (XB1)

    Absolutely! I have been a member here for a while and would never do such a thing
  7. iKnowledge

    Titanfall BETA Keys (XB1)

    Man! I have been searching for a key for almost a full 24 hours now and would really be grateful if you would help a brother out. I have not preordered it yet(but I am, don't worry) so I have no proof, but I can tell you why I am excited about the game. The main reason is because the magic...
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    Titanfall Beta Code Giveaway

    You're so cool! Care to tell us how to be cool too, friend? :D/
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    iGR The Walking Dead Season 2 pass(Steam) giveaway

    iGR is about to giveaway to a random follower of their Twitter account a season 2 pass of TWD on Steam. All you have to do is a follow and retweet them for your chance to win! Good Luck!
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    Mountain Dew & Doritos [XboxONE promotion]

    got two caps, what are they worth to you? Msg me
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    Walking Dead 2 season pass giveaway from iGR (steam)

    follow here:
  12. iKnowledge

    Walking Dead 2 season pass giveaway from iGR (steam)

    Hey everyone! The guys over at iGR( are giving away a season pass for the steam version of The Walking Dead Season 2! They are trying to get to 500 followers by midnight(CST) tonight  on twitter and are at 365 currently as I type this. Just follow them and you are...
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    iGR September Giveaway, Splintercell: Blacklist and Burnout: Paradise

    Alright everyone, it’s a new month and that means it’s time for another fan appreciation giveaway! This month were going PC heavy, but that doesn’t mean you need to count yourself out if your a console gamer. Sell the game key if you win it, or better yet, give it to a friend. The big draw this...
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    iGR August Giveaway - Free game of your choice!

    Alright everyone, it’s August, and it’s not that hot. Time to play video games instead of going outside! Really though, this is iGR‘s largest giveaway ever, we’re teaming up with Cheap Digital Download to offer up an insane prize. A free video game of your choice! There’s a few things that we...
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    I am feeling exceptionally generous today.

    Awesome I won! Thanks man!
  16. iKnowledge

    I am feeling exceptionally generous today.

    Would love the gift card! Thanks the chance man.
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    black ops 2 Vengeance map pack giveaway(360) (over)

    Thank you for the chance to win! Silva is a really great fighter that knows he is great, so he became complacent and cocky and then he became knocked out cold!
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    iGR July Giveaway - Walking Dead 400 Days and 400 MSP

    Our July Promo started a bit late, but better late than never, right? We have a couple of great prizes for the fans of iGR this month. We’ll be rewarding two of our Facebook fans with a PlayStation 3 promo code for The Walking Dead’s 400 Days DLC and 400 Microsoft Points. In the past we’ve had...
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