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  1. Dakinggamer

    Google "Nexus 7" tablet - Nexus 7 (2013) now available

    It looks pretty impressive but I think I will keep using my ASUS Transformer Prime tablet
  2. Dakinggamer

    Fry's Ads 4/29-5/5 (Updated Daily)

    Nice deal on the PS3 exclusives :D
  3. Dakinggamer

    Kmartgamer Kinect 4GB $60 coupon, Dirt 3 $15 coupon, Enslaved $14.99

    I'm definitely picking up Portal 2 next week!! I'm glad I waited;)
  4. Dakinggamer

    Dreamcast Collection Xbox 360 Game SEGA $29.99 Newegg

    This SEGA Dreamcast collection is lacking so I will maybe get it when in bargain bin or just go to my Dreamcast.:lol:
  5. Dakinggamer

    3DS Battery Life: "3 to 5 hours"

    I'm not surprised with tech running 3D and Wi-Fi running consistently. I will still be picking it up on launch day regardless!! 8-)
  6. Dakinggamer


    Thanks OP!! The Left 4 Dead DLC is tempting will probably get only $5 for both. :)
  7. Dakinggamer

    Castlevania:LoS $19.99 at Fry's for Ps3/Xbox360 (DEAD)

    Awesome I will definitely pick up a copy great price!!:applause:
  8. Dakinggamer

    How to keep your computer clean - FREE

    Some good tips!!:D
  9. Dakinggamer

    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Ps3 NEW $19.99

    Nice price I may pick this up eventually!!:)
  10. Dakinggamer's Sonic Advnture contest

    Entered, thanks!!
  11. Dakinggamer

    Does anyone still play Left for Dead 1 or Shadowrun?

    I still play it every once in a while.:)
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