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  1. ndcurtis

    Crystal Red / Blue 2ds 79.99 @ frys (in-store)

    Still had a blue one on the shelf.
  2. ndcurtis

    Crystal Red / Blue 2ds 79.99 @ frys (in-store)

    In for a red one at my local Fry's in Wilsonville, OR. Also picked up a copy of Xbox One Sniper Elite Collector's Edition for $29.99.
  3. ndcurtis

    Playstation 3D display bundle- $159 shipped at

    So is the price at Best Buy $159 as well? Supposedly my local BB has them in stock when I use the stock finder on the Sony website.
  4. ndcurtis

    Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat (PS3/360) $5 after $20 off Coupon

    My Best Buy (Salem, OR) has pulled all copies from the shelves as well because of the pricing error. I was told that I could not purchase it until it is corrected.
  5. ndcurtis

    Best Buy [Unlocked] $20 RZ Cert. Pre-order Promo 2012

    I read through the first 4 pages of this thread and I tried searching with no luck to find the answer to a question asked by someone else. If you preordered before this deal was announced will they honor the $20 RZ for the preorder?
  6. ndcurtis

    Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Mega Pack $49.99 with Coupon PS3/Xbox/Wii in-store

    The UPC code on the Skylander Starter Pack in the Mega Pack is different then the UPC on the Starter Pack carried at Wal-Mart. The item will not scan in the system and so there they will not return it.
  7. ndcurtis

    (DEAD)Tomb Raider Trilogy PS3 11.99 free shipping newegg

    Thanks OP, grabbed one before they sold out.
  8. ndcurtis

    Club Nintendo Downloadable Games Updated

    It was a Deal of the Day a few weeks ago and they had Pilotwings and Silent Diver each for $5.
  9. ndcurtis

    GameFly 2011 Year End Sale - Now Live!

    Grabbed Crysis 2, Dynasty Warriors 7 and LEGO Pirates. Not bad for $36 but I expected more from this sale and am a bit disappointed about the prices.
  10. ndcurtis

    AC: R Ezio's Turkish Assassin Armor Free DLC at

    I used the Search function and didn't see anything. I must say that even if I help one fellow CAG find a great deal I think the thread is worth it. Just my opinion though. :)
  11. ndcurtis

    AC: R Ezio's Turkish Assassin Armor Free DLC at is giving away free DLC codes for Assassin's Creed: Revelations that unlocks Ezio's Turkish Assassin Armor. PS3 Link: 360 Link: The fine prints says it is...
  12. ndcurtis

    GameFly November 2011 Under $10 Blowout Sale

    Couldn't pass up on Red Faction, at that price it is a steal. Of course I am glad that I waited because I almost bought before when it was more money during one of the nightly deals.
  13. ndcurtis

    Lego Harry Potter Year 5-7 $29.96?

    Scored the last copy at a Salem, OR Wal-Mart without any problems.
  14. ndcurtis

    PS Move Games Kung Fu Rider $5 and Sport Champions $10

    I was always hesitant to purchase a chair-riding sim but for $5 and Free Shipping I can't pass it up. I am sure glad I didn't purchase it "Gamestop New" for $10 a few weeks ago when I saw it on sale. Thanks OP.
  15. ndcurtis

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 = $14.99; Sly Collection = $24.99 (and others) at Costco

    Just got back from Costco and the only game from the OP that was there was Metroid. I was really hoping for Sly Cooper but I guess I can wait for it to go cheaper.
  16. ndcurtis

    Legend of Zelda Four Swords (DS/3DS) - Free til Feb 2012

    Never played this one before, Thanks OP.
  17. ndcurtis

    VideoGameInstructionBooklets 32% off Everything

    I always want to order from them but the shipping kills the deal every time. Of course they do offer free in store pick up if you live near Fresno, CA.
  18. ndcurtis

    HP Touchpad $99.99 / $149.99

    I know that B&M Wal-Mart stores will not be getting more because the item has been deleted from all of the store distribution centers. It is possible that they may get more for .com but I really couldn't say for sure.
  19. ndcurtis

    HP Touchpad $99.99 / $149.99

    It's typically not their policy to match online prices. They will match stores in their area, but different regions have different prices, so they would not be able to match online.
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