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  1. XRey360

    37 Premium Android Apps for FREE on Amazon. $140+ worth.

    Wonderful! I can already see some things I will pick for sure :3
  2. XRey360

    Deadbreed (PC Digital Download) Free

    God, I always hate the indiegala profile system with all the emails confirmations and passwords to redeem a stupid code instead of jsut giving it to you -.- Nice game though, thanks for sharing! Protip: register the account BEFORE requesting the game, will make all easier.
  3. XRey360

    33 FREE Premium Android Apps ($110 value) on Amazon

    Nice one, sadly most of those are outdated or simply not worth (probably the only thing interesting is the AVG Pro Antivirus)
  4. XRey360


    Thank you very much :P I just wanted something new on my Vita, NfS isn't the best but (considering it's from EA) I guess it's worth it :) Mirror's Edge was a great game, but it's really a too old release, which anyway I got for free on Steam already. Plants vs Zombies... Maybe too childish, but...
  5. XRey360

    Free Wickland Steam Key from Greenlight Arcade

    Worked also to me, thanks :3
  6. XRey360

    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Steam copy

    I would like to ask why some people must make a new thread to drop a single code when there is already the main thread for it ._. Feeling special maybe? it's only annoying, becouse if I see a new thread about a free game I expect it to be for everyone and not another race for the fastest lurkers.
  7. XRey360

    The Witcher 2: Enchanced Edition free on by collecting stamps for 1 week

    I just recived now the email and the code for it :3 Worked perfectly, very nice^^ (wtf the installer is so huuuuge! 13 parts of 1.5Gb each ._.)
  8. XRey360

    FREE Pokemon OR/AS codes

    Is it region locked or what? tryed but it doesn't seem to work^^"
  9. XRey360

    Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi FREE for Steam

    Thanks for the heads up ^^
  10. XRey360

    Free steam key: Teleglitch: Die More Edition

    Very nice, thank you :)
  11. XRey360

    Free game: Realms Of The Haunting (Steam)

    Another game to add to my library, thanks :P
  12. XRey360

    Minecraft for PS3 and Vita are free on webstore through a glitch

    Guys, Please Stop pulling this thread up. Glitch is FIXED and won't work anymore, so either close the thread or let it die.
  13. XRey360

    Free Payday on Steam on 10-16-14

    I got it right now with no problems. Sure, the page seems to take a bit longer to load, but it just started downloading it fine ;3 You have first to join the steam group, then you will have simply the "install" button and it will add the game to your library.
  14. XRey360

    Free Steam Key through GMG, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    I just recived an email from CVG about claiming the free game. In a couple of minutes a recived the steam code for XCOM: Enemy Unknown to reddem, so I suggest you to check the emails you use to register and vote!
  15. XRey360

    Free game: Dragon Age Origins (Origin)

    Always nice to add some free game to your list :P
  16. XRey360

    Free game: Ionball 2 : Ionstorm (Steam)

    Thats just what I needed to make this day nicer :D Thanks OP!
  17. XRey360

    Free Steam game "Legend Of Dungeon"

    For the next time, please remember the difference between "Giveaway" (only one person gets  the game) and "Free" (anyone can get a copy). Misleading titles are just annoying... Beside that, thanks for the heads up.
  18. XRey360

    Elite (1984), 30th Anniversary (FREE)

    Do you need some weird program/launcher to run this? Or you just get to install after bought? (like if you need steam/origin/similar)
  19. XRey360

    [AlienwareArena/Steam] Magicka: Wizard Wars Alienware Robe (FREE)

    the Indiegala gives away a DIFFERENT robe, I got both :P but the alienware one looks more cool :3
  20. XRey360

    List of Game Giveaways/DLC/Other Stuff

    Just to say, would be possible to divide in two categories Free Games from Contests/Giveaways? Becouse they are different things after all, in one you actually get a game and you can also share with friends, in the others it's just a remote chance of winning.
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