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    Target automatically took $15 off both games I bought today (YMMV?)

    Only the DS/3DS games are the ones that don't ring up right, according to the guy when I went yesterday. Either way this is a good deal - I'm using my $15 GC on the BLands2 pre-order that I placed. Stack that with the Redcard's 5% and the $5 gift card I get when I pick up Blands 2, and this is a...
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    GameStop GameStock Week 2 (7/4-7/10) - Week 3 Peek (7/10 Hot Shots Golf Vita $19.99)

    I still can't understand how Lumines: Electronic Symphony hasn't hit the $20 price mark yet. I've been waiting for that game to drop since day 1.
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    Asura's Wrath $30 at Target B&M (til 6/2)

    I grabbed the PS3 version of this the other day for this price. Also not mentioned is NeverDead, for any good that'll do people - it's on TPC for 19.99 for both systems, I believe. Definitely PS3 at least. Didn't have the stomach to buy it then, so maybe I'll wait until it hits Duke Nukem price :)
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    Albany NY CAGs?

    Haven't seen the Spidey game unfortunately.
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    The OFFICIAL Target Clearance Thread XIX (NINETEEN!) WIKIFIED!!!!!!

    I've seen Infamous at my store for $9 as well. Too bad that was my Free Game from the outage.
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    Japanese Niche Games Deals Thread: Atlus, NISA, Aksys, XSeed and More!

    Same with Ar Tonelico Qoga, except 39.99.
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    FT: PS3 Games W: Wii Games or Stuff / Paypal

    Interested in RDR and Blur. CML/offer? Thanks.
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    Tsel's Shop of Horrors - back in business!

    CML or $15 shipped for PS3 Resonance of Fate? Let me know. Thanks.
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    GameFly's "Keep" Games option cheaper than their "Buy" prices?

    I feel like they probably separate "rent copies" and "sale copies" after the demand for the games goes down. The "rent copies" don't have to be perfect, as long as they work, but the "sale copies" should be in good shape, as they usually are.
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    The OFFICIAL Target Clearance Thread XIX (NINETEEN!) WIKIFIED!!!!!!

    Could people keep an eye out for Twisted Metal on clearance? I have a gut feeling that it will be on clearance soon, and I'd really like to snag a copy under MSRP.
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    GameFly's "Keep" Games option cheaper than their "Buy" prices?

    It is exactly a year, yeah. 6 months nets you 5%. Just would rather buy the games straight up and save my $15 a month for a service I largely won't use.
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    GameFly's "Keep" Games option cheaper than their "Buy" prices?

    Yep. Just signed up and just now realized that. Oh well. I guess I'll milk the service for a month. :-\
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    GameFly's "Keep" Games option cheaper than their "Buy" prices?

    Hey there all, Had a quick question. I LOVE buying games from GameFly because of the quality they arrive in - but does being a subscriber further drop the prices if you use the "keep" option? For example, say Dead Space 2 is 12.99 to anyone who visits the site. Is there a chance that it would...
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    [DEAD]April BB @Gamer Mag $55 360 headset $30 Darkness 2, USED-$3 Homefront/$15 R3

    Everyone probably knows this, but even if you pick up the game during the same month before you're able to use the coupon, you can bring the receipt in later and have them PM it and credit you the amount of the coupon back - or so said the guy at my BB today. Picked up the last copy of Homefront...
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