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    Steam Deals Thread V12 ~ Summer Sale on Now!

    borderlands 2 GOTY is mine!! researching betrayer right now as it looks very intriguing....any CAGs have any insight?
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    Steam Deals Thread V12 ~ Summer Sale on Now!

    okay....I am off the ledge. Thanks Syntax!
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    Steam Deals Thread V12 ~ Summer Sale on Now!

    curious if anyone bought the Wasteland 2 Deluxe Edition. They indicated that the retail price will be lower but something about it that makes me want to pay and play it in early access right now. Please someone talk me off the ledge.....
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    Witcher 3 on PC - $50 @ BB ($40 for Unlocked)

    My first offer post! If your PC can handle it, you can pre-order Witcher 3 for $49.99. The normal price for PC is $59.99. If you are a BB Unlocked member, the game comes up at $39.99. This could get even better if they add the game to the pre order promo!
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    CAG & Walmart Giveaway - 3 each: South Park: The Stick of Truth Grand Wizard Edition & Infamous: Second Son

    Both these games are high on my wish list so it would be great to get one of them free! Thanks Cheapy!
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    3DSXL trade in question

    If you live in America, the XL will come with a charger. Not sure about the system transfer at GS but I am pretty sure they wont mind it.
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    CAG Fantasy Football league?

    Love ppr and no preference on the site we use. Thoughts on a keeper league?
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    CAG Fantasy Football league?

    Count me in!!
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    Best Buy Deal of the Day (2012)

    Amazon is giving $19 for MLB 2k12 (acceptable quality since there wont be a case or manual) so $8 for NBA 2k12 is too good too pass up
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    3DS-XL announced, $199, comes out on 8-19-12!!

    From what I have read, DS games play 1:1 on a XL so they actually look way better then they do on a regular 3ds. For 80 bucks more, you get access to the DS library as well as all the new 3ds games coming in the future. I am def in for one but not sure if I want to buy on day one or wait for...
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    BB @Gamer July/Aug Coupons - $10 KoA:R, $10 Tera, $20 SFvT, $5 off $10-$20 PO

    Sweet! I didn't realize that we can pricematch AND use the coupon. I am guessing that applies only to and not other retailers
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    BB @Gamer July/Aug Coupons - $10 KoA:R, $10 Tera, $20 SFvT, $5 off $10-$20 PO

    I was at Bestbuy yesterday and noticed that they have KoA back at 59.99. Why deny the inevitable? You know they will bring it back down to $40 in the last week of the month. Maybe $30 is the price point for some folks but I am only going to pull the trigger at $20.
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    (OOS) PS3 Tomb Raider Trilogy BB.COM $8.99

    Finally i can contribute in a small way to this awesome community! i placed an order for this and it was cancelled by bestbuy. I called them since it is back in stock but for 19.99 and not 8.99. It took maybe 15mins but she price matched it and placed a new order. shipping out on Monday! if...
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