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    Title says it all. I'd like to trade one for the other straight up. Will send my code first provided you have a decent amount of recent feedback. Would also take multiple gifted titles to my iTunes account for roughly the same amount of money, less a dollar or two if the titles I want don't add...
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    WTT: XBLA points $25 for iTunes $20

    Would like to trade codes straight up via PM. Will send mine first to CAG with decent amount of recent pox evals. Thanks.
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    WTT: $25 XBL Funbux for Itunes equivalent card/code

    Title pretty much says it all.  I haven't really been active on this site for years, so I don't expect my 37 positive evals to mean much at this point. If you have 10 or more recent positive evals, I'd be willing to send my code first via PM for yours. Thanks.
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    W: 360 games, H: 360/GCN/WII/O:Xbox games

    Bump. Still looking for these 360 games I want.
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    H: Castlevania Mirror of Fate & Lords of Shadow DLC. W: PSN or Amazon

    Is this from the GOTY edition? Do you have the whole package still?
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    [H] X360 Games [W] X360 Games

    Check out my list for Bioshock and Hunted.
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    Did Nintendo's Wii U marketing miss anyone else?

    I've been gaming since I was a small child and up until four or five years ago paid a lot of attention to video games and the video game industry. While I haven't posted or participated in a discussion thread regarding this topic in a long time, I can't help but do so now regarding Nintendo and...
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    W: 360 games, H: 360/GCN/WII/O:Xbox games

    Midwestern blizzard bump!
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    W: 360 games, H: 360/GCN/WII/O:Xbox games

    All of my games are complete and in mint condition. Please do not attempt to trade with me unless your games are complete and in mint condition (i.e. the case, case art, disc and manual are in perfection condition). If you have something I want that is more expensive than the thing I have that...
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    360/Wii/GCN/XBX1 games FS/FT

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    360/Wii/GCN/XBX1 games FS/FT

    I just posted this stuff up on my local Craigslist, but figured I'd give the CAG community a stab at this stuff too. I'm just looking to get rid of it, but I'm not looking to give it away either. Make offers based on what's going on at Amazon/Ebay/Etc and I'll consider your offer and let you...
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    XBL Points 4000 for $47, 1600 for $18, buy both get 48 gold card

    Title says it all, three dollars off the 4000 card and $2 off the 1600 card. Buy both and get a 2 day gold pass for you or a friend to try with you for a weekend. I can PM the codes, mail you the cards or both depending on your wishes.
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    The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings for Xbox 360 TRU $44.99 FS

    I keep hearing, I think fans of the first one, bitching about this game on various forums. Is it just a case of sequel hate or is this game genuinely inferior in some way?
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    Two Worlds 2 Velvet Edition (Xbox 360) 50% off from Amazon

    I never buy LE/GOTY/SE versions of games, especially with art books and figurines, but $29.99 is a huge no-brainer.
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    Syndicate w/$20 credit at Amazon

    Shadowrun was actually a really brilliant online tactical shooter that everyone who got over their childish nostalgia-fueled fanboyism enjoyed immensely. Maybe if you diehard fans had given it a shot we'd be talking about a Shadowrun RPG right about now...
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    Lord of the Rings: War in the North price drop to $30 (PS3) or $35 (Xb)

    This game is going to become even cheaper when Kingdoms of Amalur or whatever it's called comes out early next year. Between that, Dark Souls and Skyrim being on shelves, WitN is going to languish until it's clearanced.
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    Crackdown X360 $6.99 Free Shipping

    Bought this and then sold it to someone online awhile ago. Now that I have a 51 inch plasma I think it's time to give this one another go. Plus I bought the DLC and it's attached to my livetag, so not having this game is kind of a waste!
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    Tropico 4 (360) is $14.99 at

    I got into 3 for a bit, but still have a lot of it to go through. How different is 4 from 3?
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    KmartGamer 7.0

    I got screwed out of the $35 coupon on my purchase of Kirby Wii and Skyrim 360. The manager said it was based on the pre-coupon total, but allowed tax to factor into the promotion threshold.
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