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    CONTEST: Win CheapyD's Games! [Last Day!]

    I want to thank cheapy for such a wonderful website that i was very proud to be a part of. I wish you the best in Tokyo, and I hope that life there suits you well. Thanks a lot man, you are a stand up guy, and you will be missed here in the US. While you are there, look up Tim Rogers...
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    Marc Newman in Athens, OH ~ I have your Best Buy Order

    That name sounds really familiar, like I've traded with him before... EDIT: I have traded with him before! I found the delivery confirmation, now to find the person! EDIT 2:I have narrowed it down. I'm 99% sure that it is CAG user Querjek. Give him a pm!
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    Best/Worst Hockey Games

    I reccomend Wayne gretzky's 3d hockey 98 Which was the predecessor to Olympic hockey
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    Long GBA Games

    It was actually the added up times of my playthroughs. I love how there are 8 (7?) save spots to save your data in, because of the awesome ways to play through the game. My first playthrough was about 12 hours, then i went a little farther on that, got all the cards, 100% map etc, and that took...
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    Long GBA Games

    I played 70 hours on Castlevania Circle of the moon I might be insane
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    PSTwo purchasers/owners sign here

    here's why that is a bunch of malarkey the network adapter disc that comes with it is a blue disc. Oh and, I have one It's cool
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    My 100th Post

    oooh defender needs to give a custom title here...
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    Which color scheme are you using?

    Green for me, I hated the orange.
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    How evil are you? (Fun Goldeneye Test)

    107 General Steel van der Lawoffen
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    Target Clearance Thread: Spring 2005

    I saw an Xbox wireless adapter for 37.xx today. I think i'll wait for it to go down to 75 %
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    New moderators...

    or your firstborn son, whatever is most handy
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    Another SAT another bunch of yard sale scores

    say, you wouldnt be interested in trading one of those snes systems, would you? I could really use one for school.
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    New moderators...

    tis the truth look up JakeT81588 and this topic didn't like him then, don't like him now :twisted: just kidding buddy
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    Official User Rating Tally Topic (Updated 05/04/05)

    thanks brolly for putting the update up!
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    " I would have played, but it was never made."

    ok if you're into that kind of stuff, go to it's really a good place to go for cancelled games.
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    How do you handle insulting trade offers?

    I second this. I make stupid offers all the time, so I try to be nice about declining stupid ones because it comes back to bite you in the butt when you're mean.
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    Official User Feedback/Rating Topic [Part 2]

    Who did you trade with? lain21us What did you get? Squeenix sampler What did you give? 1.25 How long did the deal take? no time at all Were they friendly? y Easy to work with? y Quick to respond? y Would you deal with them again? y Shipping Method Used? first class Overall experience rating (Out...
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    Maroon 5 CD=worthy purchase?

    I only have one rule about music in cars that I drive: No Maroon 5 (and this is coming from someone who lets other people choose the music because I usually don't care.)
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