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    CAGcast #752: Hogwarts and All

    The issue here is that Wombat is politically and socially active and his cohosts are not. Shipwreck hasn't progressed intellectually and is desperately trying to love the things he did when he was 12 (toys) while pretending he's doing it for his kids and Cheapy is busy trying to figure out how...
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    CAGcast #718: Welcome to the Guyniverse

    Shipwreck letting himself be triggered by From Soft fans who are triggered by Wombat who is actually just playing and liking the game was pretty funny. Someone get this man a Tomb Raider game or child's action figure to calm him down damnit!  I'm about 80 hrs in and haven't once watched a video...
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    CAGcast #717: A True Online Adventure

    AV Club puts it nicely: "It's like someone asked: 'What if Skyrim was actually good?'"
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    CAGcast #717: A True Online Adventure

    lol...I 100% knew the gripes about the Elden Ring review scores was going to happen. Everyone happily refers to Metacritic all the time to support whatever point they are trying to make, but when it's a From Soft game getting a high score of course it's some kind of grand review system...
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    CAGcast #648: Game On!

    Wombat, Grounded is in Early Access. There is a TON more story content and environmental content coming.
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    CAGcast #636: The Magic of Doors

    HBO products are complicated because linear cable deals are complicated. Imagine having a business where you have two major products that compete with each other (a cable channel that makes money from people having cable vs standalone product that encourages them to get rid of cable)
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    CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

    I just watched the Sonic movie. Yikes. Here's my question: can someone explain to me why so many grown men immerse themselves in things that are meant for children? Is there a reason people don't want to become adults?
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    CAGcast #604: Podcastainment

    To make the argument that Borderlands 3 has innovated much at all is ridiculous. A few costume customizations? No thanks. Played 3 hours with my son and we were both bored as hell. I recommend Remnant: From the Ashes. Ship is just operating on nostalgia, which is often the case.
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    CAGcast #577: Greyhound Gang

    lol clearly Wombat has done hours of research on the dog but Shipwreck still thinking he's the expert. It is a known fact that some breeds of big dogs do just fine in an apartment setting.
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    CAGcast #532: Bullish on Mario, Bearish on Atari

    It's Mario, everyone will buy it right? Printing money right? How quickly Top Analyst Shipwreck forgets he said the same thing about Super Mario Run. And what a disappointing and underperforming product that turned out to be. He even scoffed when Wombat questioned whether he would buy it. "Of...
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    CAGcast #525: Wombat Gets Nauseous, Goes Viral

    "When the PlayStation VR released, it was said by many that the headset could not be profitable for Sony and that it would more than likely not do so well. In a recent article by Road to VR, however, it was revealed that according to Greenlight Insights, Sony has sold more than 1.5 million...
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    CAGcast #502: How to Succeed at E3 Predictions Without Really Trying

    There is probably some psychological reason these guys take so much glee in certain gaming platforms failing or underperforming. Other people really enjoy these platforms and would prefer they succeed.
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    CAGcast #501: An Ageless Game

    "I don't think you're playing it right." Therein lies the problem, Ship. If you make a game that gives you total freedom and a huge open world, and there is a way to "not play it right" then you have not designed a good game. Every point Wombat made is 100% spot on. Wombat is playing it the way...
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    CAGcast #498: Mass Reject

    Ok ship, time for an other Learning Moment(tm)! "Metacritic scores do not reflect opinion" um,...what? The Metacritic score is an aggregate of opinion. The difference between a critic rating a game a 64 vs a 78 is a difference of...wait for it....OPINION. You can debate whether attaching a...
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    CAGcast #489: The Legend of Robutler: Uncle Paulie's Breath

    Ship: "It was DEFINITELY NOT Rocky IV" Wombat consulting internet: "It was Rocky IV" That was hilarious. Thanks to all involved for that one.
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    CAGcast #488: Unready for Launch

    Shocker. God forbid you discuss video game hardware on your video game podcast.
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    CAGcast #488: Unready for Launch

    A while back I tried to get the Cagcast top analysts to predict the PSVR sales. I believe I said 1.5 million in 6 months, and now the news is almost a million sold against a target of 1 million in six months. I didn't get a response on a sales prediction from any of the hosts. Predictions: The...
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    CAGcast #488: Unready for Launch

    I lol'd when Cheapy was trying to defend himself and then proceeded to imply that people who clean houses for a living are not smart enough to hook up a PSVR. 
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    CAGcast #487: JewDieWhy?

    You guys rock, thanks for reading my comment. I am just as confused as everyone else why Cheapy would buy a 500 dollar VR headset then put it in permanent storage, but let me say this: I just played through all of Resident Evil in VR and it was one of the most amazing gaming experiences of my...
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    CAGcast #486: A Poop Lesson Learned

    Yup, that's the logical gymnastics I was expecting. I don't recall you saying this when you were trashing VR.
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