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  1. HeSaveDave

    XBL Deals - 2015

    Thanks friend!
  2. HeSaveDave

    XBL Deals - 2015

    Can Skate 3 be played on the XBOX One? I love that game!
  3. HeSaveDave

    Want to update my video card, check my other parts

    I'm looking for info on these as well. People say to worry about the 970 above 1080p which I was hoping to do 1440p in the future.
  4. HeSaveDave

    Steam Deals Thread V13 ~ Star Wars Empire at War $6.80 | The Legend of Korra $10.04 | Red Faction Guerrilla $2.99 |

    Are the prices today as low as they'll be for this sale? I'm not sure how these sales work. I want a few games including Banished but I missed the lowest price. Should I pick them up now?
  5. HeSaveDave

    New Xbox 360 Holiday Bundles!

    Holding out for Cooking Mama bundle.
  6. HeSaveDave

    Combine XBOX ONE Promo Trade-in $100, Free Game, $50 Dollar Credit ending 9/13/14

    Anyone know how long it takes for them to receive the PS3 trade after I send it? I'm wondering if they'd get it before this deal ends. I don't have a store near me.
  7. HeSaveDave

    Destiny on Sale at Sam's

    In for 13
  8. HeSaveDave

    Best place to trade in systems/games?

    I have a PS3 system and games. Also have some 360 games. Where can I get the most credit/cash to put towards an XB1 or PS4?
  9. HeSaveDave

    NEW XBOX ONE with KINECT on ebay for $339 + Free shipping & NO TAX

    inb4 seller closes account and disappears with the moneys. 
  10. HeSaveDave

    Peekaboo, do PS4 camera see you?

    Dang, slim pickings eh? Anything to look forward to this year that uses the cam? Thank you for your wonderful and friendly replies.
  11. HeSaveDave

    Peekaboo, do PS4 camera see you?

    Hi, I am a person who enjoys video games. I have a question for you and yours. Are there any games that use the PS4 camera thingy yet? I am very interested in playing games that utilize the camera function. Thank you for your kind replies.  :D/
  12. HeSaveDave

    How much better is the Sony 900A over the 802A?

    I need a good LCD for gaming, then blu-rays and TV. The 802A is more affordable. I'm wondering how much better the 900A is. Is it a big difference? The 900A is a bit out of my price range but I've been saving for a long time and my old 42" Vizio is dying. I want to pull the trigger on the 802A...
  13. HeSaveDave

    25% Off Gaming Accessory at Target

    wtf is a Redcard?
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