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  1. Evil Shadow Ninja

    laptop battiers deals?

    im currently in need of a new laptop battery for my toshiba laptop as my laptop keeps shutting off & the only way for me to fix it is remove the battery then put back in. so i now need a new battery & was wondering if there are any deals on laptop batteries or any stores in pennsylvania that...
  2. Evil Shadow Ninja

    Target DVD Prices 6/7-6/13

    i might have to pick up psych season 1
  3. Evil Shadow Ninja Used Deals:Halo Wars-$30,SFIV-$30,GHMetallica-$30,Mercs2-$10

    thanks for the update, i might get mirror's edge
  4. Evil Shadow Ninja free online shipping for capcom games

    just a quick heads up, on there doing free shipping on all capcom games. don't know whether this has been posted so i'd thought i'd post this. here's a list of all the games that apply to this
  5. Evil Shadow Ninja

    Resident Evil 5 Xbox Elite Bundle $399 - Back In Stock @ Amazon!

    i might consider it as well & just sell my old xbox
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