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  1. AFStealth

    Halo ODST

    Any deals on this game? It's been $40 for a while now, haven't seen many deals going on for it though.
  2. AFStealth

    Massive Sale: PSX, PS2, GC, PS3, 360, PSP, PC!

    Sorry, didn't find anything. PMs sent out!
  3. AFStealth

    Massive Sale: PSX, PS2, GC, PS3, 360, PSP, PC!

    Was out of town for the weekend, but sent out some PMs now. Sorry man, didn't find anything. Nothing here either, sorry
  4. AFStealth

    Massive Sale: PSX, PS2, GC, PS3, 360, PSP, PC!

    I'm moving and need money/need to get rid of this stuff! Games are in good condition with Box + Instruction Manual unless noted. Please make offers! Looking mostly to sale with very limited trades PSX 007: The World is Not Enough 007: Tomorrow Never Dies Air Combat (GH) Battle Stations...
  5. AFStealth

    Modern Warfare 2 Deals

    And it's $35 where exactly? Edit: Found a deal, thanks.
  6. AFStealth

    Modern Warfare 2 Deals

    Are there any good deals for MW2 on Xbox 360 going on?
  7. AFStealth

    Call of Duty: MW2 (pc) is NOT cheaper at walmart Looks like it's $50 and they throw in a $10 gift card to me.
  8. AFStealth

    Dragon Age: Origins Collector's Edition - PC $59.99 / X360 & PS3 $69.99

    I really wish CE's would stop being fluffed with digital crap.
  9. AFStealth

    GoGamer One Smooth Madness

    Good deal for inFAMOUS, but the shipping kind of kills it. It's just slightly cheaper on amazon because of the free shipping.
  10. AFStealth

    360 Racing Wheel

    So my only Toys R Us store around here is out of them. Any other options?
  11. AFStealth

    360 Racing Wheel

    Thanks, I'll check it out tomorrow :)
  12. AFStealth

    360 Racing Wheel

    I'm looking for the 360 racing wheel by Microsoft. Cheapest I found was $90, I was hoping for something a little better than that. Anyone have any clues?
  13. AFStealth

    Left 4 Dead? (PC)

    You realize steam accepts paypal?
  14. AFStealth

    STEAM weekend deal: Ghost Recon Complete $20

    They all have coop, but yes, they are all different from the console version.
  15. AFStealth

    CAG Left 4 Dead Steam Group

    Count me in:
  16. AFStealth

    back with more 360 games and some I never put on ebay yet

    Would you be willing to part with the FEAR stuff for like, $15? You can get the full trilogy now for $20 new.
  17. AFStealth

    Bungie's Unnamed Title: Gen. Discussion - The weirdness continues.

    You don't know how developers and publishers work, do you? Not all, or even most developers own the games they're working on. Also, the bigger issue is that Microsoft is still publishing Bungie games. That's why I don't get their independence claim.
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