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  1. stormrage360

    CAGcast #632: TestStop

    I’d like to see Knuckles. I haven’t seen the first movie so I don’t know if he shows up
  2. stormrage360

    CAGcast #630: Save it in a Cup

    Honestly shocked CheapyD and Wombat did not like Onward.  It may not be top 10 Pixar movie but definitely one of best  Pixar endings. When the protagonist looks at the list he had made of things to do with his dad and comes to the realization, I lost it and cried like a baby. And that almost...
  3. stormrage360

    CAGcast #629: Are You Not Entertained?

    At 1:08:16 Wombat telling CheapyD, "It's really bad. You have no idea." Wombat is all of us.
  4. stormrage360

    The Gamestop Thread

    It has the owner of this website as a character so I think it is a mandatory purchase for anyone on CAG.
  5. stormrage360

    CAGcast #560: Wombat and his Amazing Friends

    Hi guys, longtime listener. I have a small bone to pick. Often times you guys may say "Play x game, it's free on Game Pass". However, the games aren't free. You are paying a subscription for it and if you stop paying for Game Pass the games aren't yours to keep. I think the correct term should...
  6. stormrage360

    CAGcast #554: The Bouncy Years

    Cheapy's story about how the plumber didn't call him back is so true for so many other home repair people. They are also so flakey and don't return your calls and ghost you. I'd pay for and get more work done if they didn't give you the run around all the time.
  7. stormrage360

    PCGameSupply: 30% off $10 Steam card with paypal

    Yeah. Also got the PayPal email that I authorize a payment. I went back to the website and now the order shows cancelled and no activity on Paypl. Strange. I’ll try again later at home.
  8. stormrage360

    PCGameSupply: 30% off $10 Steam card with paypal

    Just tried this. No confirmation email.  No code yet it has been over 20 minutes.
  9. stormrage360

    Xbox One X, Minecraft Xbox One LE Console Preorders

    It's a $5 bonus coupon the associates keep next to the register, they keep a stack and sometimes give them away or the cool ones will grab one and scan it when you're trading in stuff.
  10. stormrage360

    CAGcast #453: Mrs. Sonyberg

    10 years listening this show and I still don't have an answer why Wombat doesn't like good games  like Overwatch.
  11. stormrage360

    CAGcast #426: Enough with the Miis Already

    I think CheapyD needs to keep his opinion about the WiiU to himself. I get that it doesn't appeal to him but for a ton of people out there, they are more than happy with the console.  I don't think buying a WiiU now is a bad idea. The library is huge and excellent games from Nintendo.
  12. stormrage360

    2015 Video Game Spending Tab

    January :xb1: 1/27 12 Month Xbox Live Gold Subscription (Gamestop) $39.99
  13. stormrage360

    CAGcast #386: Call of Doody: Advanced Podcasting

    Good show, I hope Cheapy tries out Sunset Overdrive. I really think it's his kind of game and better than Saints Row! Enter me into the Retro Magazine contest as well please!
  14. stormrage360

    CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

    Now that all Cheapy D will be moving back to America and all the hosts will be in relatively the same time zone, will we see future live streaming of the Cagcast on Twitch?
  15. stormrage360

    CAGcast #380: Rhode Trip

    Really happy to hear Cheapy D is coming back to America. Does this mean future CAG meetups in NYC?  :D/
  16. stormrage360

    CAGcast #374: You're Welcome, Everyone

    Love that CheapyD brings up Hearthstone so much. I'm a big fan, Cheapy, trying streaming play more often or playing with members!
  17. stormrage360

    2014 Video Game Spending Tab

    2014 Video Game Spending Tab   Video Game Spending Tab 2013   January   :pc: Payday 2 $17.99 (Steam) :wii:: Wiimote & nunchuk $9.10 ($8.45 eBay cash) (eBay) January Total: $27.09 February :pc: Rust $19.99 :pc: Hearthstone pack $2.99 February Total $22.98 March :wiiu: Donkey Kong...
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