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  1. burningGundam85

    Starhawk Private Beta Give-a-away

    Mods, please close this thread.
  2. burningGundam85

    Microsoft Kinect Giveaway

    Entered! Thanks op!
  3. burningGundam85

    Starhawk Beta Keys

    I thought i was special when PS sent me a code through E-mail :( lol XD Not so private lol XD
  4. burningGundam85

    Starhawk Private Beta Give-a-away

    Got invited to the StarHawk Private Beta, unforutnaly, I don't own a PS3 anymore. All you have to do is follow me on twitter @Monstar85 and winner will be chosen on Friday. Thanks! *edit Also, comment your Twitter handle on here and good luck!
  5. burningGundam85

    Halo Ring Giveaway: Your finger is going to be cold this Summer

    I should get it because it's Halo related...nuff said.
  6. burningGundam85

    The New Xbox Live Free Trial Thread (Read the OP before posting, NO BEGGING!)

    I would appreciate a code if any of you have an extra one lying around, Thanks.
  7. burningGundam85

    100 Games Giveaway!

    Nice contest guys =D
  8. burningGundam85

    Halo Reach Flaming Helmet Giveaway!

    I love Halo wars because of the strategy component. I would choose the MLG setting just because i like Brs
  9. burningGundam85

    E3 2010 Swag Giveaway

    entered thanks op :)
  10. burningGundam85

    Aliens vs Predator Xbox 360 Giveaway!

    chuck norris end of story...
  11. burningGundam85

    The "Is This Game Rare?" Thread

    Resident evil 2(ps1) is it rare?
  12. burningGundam85

    4th of July Giveaway!

    Entered tanx for the link op.
  13. burningGundam85

    Free stickers & PETA sea kitten action pack

    i got the sea kitten thing but i am going to pass the stickers. hooray for free stuff :)
  14. burningGundam85

    Giving away 3-4 games per day on Twitter

    my twitter account is monstar85 and facebook is daniel pomar; thanx op :P
  15. burningGundam85

    Gamestop Survey

    I am registered to that site as well and did receive my $25 GS gift card but, it was not $25.00 it was something like $18.00. Then again free money is free... right :)
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