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  1. RuthlessGravity

    [2] Black Ops III beta codes to giveaway - PS4 only

    The first couple to reply to this thread will get the code. 
  2. RuthlessGravity

    (New Item The Keeper Statue $270) Bethesda / Bioware / Halo / Tomb Raider / Eidos Montreal / PVZ, Clothing, Accessories and More Sales.

    That Enclave Officer's hoodie is pretty sweet. I actually would not mind forking 60 bucks for that sucker. 
  3. RuthlessGravity

    Destiny Limited Edition In Stock PS4 Walmart

    Yeah, I'm beginning to wonder if Activision is simply re-stocking the editions slowly, just to drive up pre-order sales. Within a month, they'll be all over the place to get them.
  4. RuthlessGravity

    Triple Features $9.96 at Amazon (More "good" Ones Added)

    I always have a problem with these packs. There will be two good movies and one bad one. Or two bad ones and one good one. It can be a real pain...
  5. RuthlessGravity

    $5 Credit Towards Apps & Games w/ App Download on Amazon Appstore for Android Free

    Yeah, I got a confirmation that the credit has been added to my account after completing a [free] purchase of an app, notifying me it may take somewhere between a few minutes up to an hour (noting that it doesn't take hours let alone an entire day's worth) for the process.
  6. RuthlessGravity

    $5 Credit Towards Apps & Games w/ App Download on Amazon Appstore for Android Free

    Thanks OP for this, though I'm curious. Having done what was needed to be done in order to get the 5$ credit last night; how long does it take to actually be added to your account? I read on Amazon it takes somewhere between a few minutes to an hour but I have yet to see it being added to my...
  7. RuthlessGravity

    Free xbox samurai avatar outfit

    Pretty sweet, thanks for this one OP!
  8. RuthlessGravity

    [DEAD] FREE USB Headset w/ Mic

    Thanks for the heads up on this, OP! 
  9. RuthlessGravity

    Torchlight is free on

    Awesome snag, thank OP!
  10. RuthlessGravity

    Best Buy Reward Zone Facebook App: Earn Free Points With Polls and Activities

    The app was removed, don't know why but it's not hard to guess.
  11. RuthlessGravity

    Pepsi Experience Points program

    This is pretty sweet, though hopefully there will be more rewards than just... Beyonce and wallpapers
  12. RuthlessGravity

    Free amazon $2 MP3 credit

    Thanks for this update. I'm always on the look out for these, I'm surprised I miss this!
  13. RuthlessGravity

    Check your Inbox for XBL 10th Anniversary Avatar Helmet

    Isn't just a kick to the teeth that microsoft emails you for the first time (that I know of) of your stats that you can regularly check out on
  14. RuthlessGravity

    Shameless Twitter Boosting: I'm Giving Away A Stack of Games (ENDED)

    Congrats to the winners! Especially bythewar, someone is going to enjoy the game! Thank you cwebb39 for this awesome contest.
  15. RuthlessGravity

    Halo 4 contest ~ AvatarHunter ~Winner posted

    Oh sweet! More chances to win! Thanks COLDblood!
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