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  1. rockfnbttm

    Recore (XB1) & Deus Ex Mankind Divided (Ps4) F/S

    Recore is new & sealed - $18 shipped Deus Ex played once, excellent condition - $15 shipped Also have Final Fantasy X/X2 PS4 - $13 shipped Gifted Paypal
  2. rockfnbttm

    Sunday Ad Video Game Deals (8/3 to 8/9)

    Thanks for the ibotta tip.. Didn't realize there was a rebate for best buy.. I have $20 in rewards, mover's coupon, and with that extra 20 back, it'll be a solid deal with the slim trade in. Will wait and see what kinda luck others have with the Target PM before I head into BB
  3. rockfnbttm

    Sunday Ad Video Game Deals (8/3 to 8/9)

    I have a slim ps3 that's on its way out. Don't even like playing it cuz of all the noise it makes. Might do the trade in.. Just wish it was for Ps4, not Xbox One
  4. rockfnbttm

    $100 Apple iTunes Giftcards (2x $50) FS

    I'm not selling my cards "a couple of weeks ago," I'm selling them today. . Irrelevant what Staples sold 'em for, they're $51.99 TODAY Now please, if you're gonna post in the thread, make it for a purchase or an offer, not a threadcrap...
  5. rockfnbttm

    $100 Apple iTunes Giftcards (2x $50) FS

    Got em as gifts, I'd rather have the Paypal I'll take $47 Paypal each Or $92 for both Can PM the codes out immediately
  6. rockfnbttm

    Have: UV/iTunes Movie Codes. Want: Paypal

    You have a price in mind for all the Ps3/360 stuff?
  7. rockfnbttm

    FS: Video Game Art Books, Strategy Guides, Novels, Comics+++

    how much for everything left?
  8. rockfnbttm

    New Tradelist Coming Soon...

    How much for all the Mega Man stuff?
  9. rockfnbttm

    H: Games, iPod Touch, Men's Shoes NEED TO SELL As Soon As Possible

    How much for everything?
  10. rockfnbttm

    FS: Popful Mail (Sega CD) - priced to sell!

    I'll take it
  11. rockfnbttm


    GameBoy Color: Oracle of Seasons (initials written on label) - $13 Oracle of Ages (Very Good) - $16 Gameboy: Castlevania Legends (Very, VERY good) - $37 TG16 Sidearms Special - no cardboard outer box, but cic. - $16 PCE New Adventure Island - Complete - $38 Lunar PS1 Strategy Guide - Complete...
  12. rockfnbttm

    I want to buy your PS2 or PS2 slim.

    Any chance you'd sell? Interested in these.. Nintendo DS Wario Ware Touched! Pokemon Diamond Mario & Luigi Partners in Time Gamecube Tales of Symphonia PS2 .hack Infection .hack Outbreak .hack Quarantine
  13. rockfnbttm

    H: 3DS XL, NES, DC, XBox (OG, 360, One), PS 1-3 W: Paypal

    Resident Evil - black label of the remake, case is a little beat up, left over EB sticker Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 4 - Player's Choice version How much for those?
  14. rockfnbttm

    Have: Gamestop Giftcards Want: Paypal, Nier PS3

    Heavy Rain Portal 2 Persona 4 Arena Tomb Raider Collectors Edition (include Tomb Raider 1, 2, and 3) Ghost in the Shell how much for all those?
  15. rockfnbttm

    Trade List Currently Empty

    DARKSIDERS 2 ($8) HOMEFRONT: Ultimate Edition ($2) - Includes full game and all DLC: The Rock, Fire Sale, and 870 Express Shotgun! XBOX 360 DLC: SAINTS ROW 3 SEASON PASS ($5 or 400 MSP) - Includes Genkibowl VII, Gangstas in Space, Trouble with Clones, and Nyte Blayde DLC packs! Interested in...
  16. rockfnbttm

    [H] Steam Games [W] PayPal

    STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl Metro 2033 I would like these
  17. rockfnbttm

    It's OVA! Sweet Pea thanks and loves you all <3 (me too!)

    Devil May Cry: 5th anniversary edition - $8 Guides: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - $2 Dragon Quest IV - $2 Final Fantasy 4 - $1 MegaMan X Command Mission - $1 Romancing saga - $2 Shining Force Neo - $2 Tales of Legendia - $1 Tales of the Abyss - $1 Wild Arms 5 - $1 Xenosaga II - $1
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