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  1. CouRageouS

    Lego Dimensions Deals and Discussion Thread

    Trying to offload these if anyone needs them. Not really trying to make a profit, picked up a couple of each for trades and now just trying to clear space since I was able to get everything I was missing through trade/ebay. Shoot me a PM. Not really looking for anything unless someone has a...
  2. CouRageouS

    Lego Dimensions Deals and Discussion Thread

    By my count there are 24 set currently found, latest ones in bold :  - Back to the Future Level Pack - Dr Who Level Pack - Portal 2 Level Pack - Scooby Doo Team Pack - Jurassic World Team Pack - Homer Level Pack  - Bart Fun Pack - Krusty Fun Pack - Wicked Witch Fun Pack - Ninjago Kai /...
  3. CouRageouS

    H : Lego Dimensions W : Other Sets / Misc

    Hello! Looking to trade for other sets. Would really like to try to get the ones I can't find but open to looking at your TL.  Have at least 2 of each except Wicked Witch, will update accordingly. PM me if you're looking to buy. Really not trying to make a profit on these, but if you're making...
  4. CouRageouS

    Lego Dimensions Deals and Discussion Thread

    Looking for Benny, Jurassic World, Dr Who, and Jay. Today I was able to pick up a few Zanes and Portals. I have a couple of about 12 different sets at home (LOTR set, Lego Movie except Benny) for trade and will make a list asap for anyone wanting to trade.
  5. CouRageouS

    Lego Dimensions Deals and Discussion Thread

    Posted this in the 99 cent thread but figure should share it too. This is the list I gathered of whats available.  - Portal 2 Level Pack - Scooby Doo Team Pack - Homer Level Pack - Bart Fun Pack - Krusty Fun Pack - Wicked Witch Fun Pack - Ninjago Kai / Cole Team Pack - Ninjago Sensei Wu...
  6. CouRageouS

    :3ds:Create your own Streetpass Relay

    Has anyone gotten this to work successfully on OSX? I can get the Nintendo Zone working but I haven't gotten any Street Pass hits. 
  7. CouRageouS

    3DS Friend Code Thread

    Courageous 1392 - 4120 - 2457 Will start adding people ASAP!
  8. CouRageouS

    PSN Weekly Deals - 3/26: Huge Square Enix Game/DLC, THQ, PixelJunk, and Worms Sales!

    When I downloaded Foosball last night it only gave me the Vita version. Is this because I had previously downloaded the PS3 demo?
  9. CouRageouS

    Wii U - General Discussion Thread

    I know its not even been a week yet, but has Nintendo announced if the eShop was going to be updated weekly on a certain day yet?
  10. CouRageouS

    Wii U-ZombiU

    I've only played a couple 20 mins sessions and its been awhile since I've played a game that makes you feel so vulnerable and tense. I'm enjoying it but I can easily understand why someone wouldn't. Afterwards it does make me want to play another zombie game where I can do the opposite and just...
  11. CouRageouS

    Wii U - General Discussion Thread

    This worries me because I let my 8 year old nephew play with the Gamepad unsupervised yesterday. I hope it was a fluke, I really hate screen protectors because of they way the make the screens look. Never had one on my previous DS systems or iPhones and scratches have never been an issue...
  12. CouRageouS

    Nintendo Network ID's (I want to friend your Mii)

    Courageous Will add everyone from the list once I figure out how!
  13. CouRageouS

    The Wii U Pre-Order Thread - $349.99/$299.99 - 11/18/12

    I have a Deluxe Preorder with Gamestop and they just charged my card a couple hours ago. Hope thats some indication of perhaps getting it before release day!
  14. CouRageouS

    Single Character Skylanders Back In Stock @ Amazon

    Out of curiosity I put a couple new Skylanders I bought today on the portal while still in the package and they worked. Has anyone bought a Skylander off a third party seller and found it was used? Just something I found amusing today.
  15. CouRageouS

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (360) $11.99 at Newegg

    Aww man there's shoprunner on newegg? Didn't notice cause I ordered through my phone. Oh well.
  16. CouRageouS

    The "It Begins" Chris Jericho Returns Wrestling Thread

    Has anyone heard of or know anything about an old WWF announcer by the name of Stu Ganz? I couldn't find much about him through google. Apparently he works for Comcast sales now and WWE is one of his accounts. My friend works with him and he got 3 floor seat tickets to go to a house show this...
  17. CouRageouS

    Free $10 Serve AMEX giftcard, possible $20

    Got mine today, thanks OP. Is there some sort of referral program to get more free money?
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