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  1. atomsk

    Eagle3 HKS Racing Controller (PS3) Giveaway

    too many tickets for that tweeting nonsense.
  2. atomsk

    CAGs Raise $46,659 for Child's Play - Raffle Winners Posted

    I'm not surprising this is ending so low. Times are tough for lots of people.
  3. atomsk

    Superstars V8 Racing (PS3) Mega Givaway

    I need a racing game.
  4. atomsk

    Gladiator Begins (PSP) - 10 x Downloadable Code Giveaway from CAG and Aksys Games

    Rockefeller over here, pinching the pennies.
  5. atomsk

    New Kinect tech demo
  6. atomsk

    CAGcast #203: Kazoo!

    I think Wombat was being a dick in this ep, just as much as Cheapy was in the last ep. The only difference is that come next week, we won't be hearing any apology from Wombat. Cheapy apologized sincerely right at the start and Wombat just wouldn't let him live it down. He kept making little...
  7. atomsk

    CAGcast #202: The E3 2010 Not So Limited Collector's Edition

    wombat has some pretty womanly tendencies regarding his moods. Down to the tone of voice. Just man up a little, wombat.
  8. atomsk

    Will you buy the Sony Move?

    don't you rest the controller on your legs when you play games?
  9. atomsk

    Will you buy the Sony Move?

    what do you think? I think $50 is not bad since I already have the Eye.
  10. atomsk

    I'm (Still) looking for the misadventures of tron boone

    I have that game but I don't wanna sell it. :p Nobody in their right mind would.
  11. atomsk

    Metal Gear Solid: Rising - Official Thread

    how would that even work? you would have to take your hands on the controller and slash through the air with your arm? That might not be so bad, but it's bizarre.
  12. atomsk

    xbox 360 compatible flash drive

    I wouldn't trust that chinese junk.
  13. atomsk

    Walmart 360 Arcade $150 + $50 gc? Question if, not confirmation of.

    Don't they usually match these GC deals at amazon?
  14. atomsk

    Cheap playstation EYE available anywhere?

    I wanna take some pictures of my junk for LBP.
  15. atomsk

    Entire Kinect launch line-up revealed - 15 games + potential pricing

    Yeah, they mostly have to use placeholders now because if the prices change and they have to raise them, it causes problems for them because of people who preorder early. But yeah all those games looks like baboon ass.
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