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  1. snuter

    Best Buy Rewards Zone: PS3 Dualshock Deal

    New list, updated from RFD again Ps3 Assassins Creed 3 Ps3 Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 PS3 CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 2 PS3 DARKSIDERS II LE Ps3 Darksiders Ii Le Fs Ex Ps3 Darksiders Ii Presell Ps3 Dead Or Alive 5 PS3 DISHONORED PS3 DRAGONS DOGMA PS3 ELDER SCROLLS V SKYRIM Ps3 Far Cry 3 PS3 GHOST...
  2. snuter

    Best Buy Rewards Zone: PS3 Dualshock Deal

    The list of accepted games is on their website under games and trade-in games. Here is the list typed out, courtesy of yoda12320 from RFD DS BOOK BUNDLE CODE OF THE PRINCESS 3DS DISNEY PRINCESS FAIRYTALE ADVENTURE 3DS EPIC MICKEY 2 THE POWER OF TWO 3DS FIFA SOCCER 13 3DS HARVEST MOON A NEW...
  3. snuter

    PSN Assassin's Creed 3 digital, 35-50% off weekend flash sale

    This weekend only (December 22-23), Playstation Network is having a flash sale on Assassin's Creed III. Get 35% off on Assassin's Creed III, Assassin's Creed III Gold edition (includes Season Pass) and Assassin's Creed Liberation. The bundle including all 3 is 50% off! (Keep in mind that on...
  4. snuter

    [Futureshop] Preorder Halo 4 for as low as $29.99

    Just to add to that, Forza 4 is on the trade 2 list for both Futureshop and Bestbuy to get a $60 gift card. (Skyrim is on there as well, but unfortunately the bundle includes a downloaded token for Skyrim, not a physical disc.) You can instantly trade Forza 4 and one other game for $60 toward...
  5. snuter

    [Futureshop] Preorder Halo 4 for as low as $29.99

    I've got 2 invites left. PM me your email if you want an invite. Will edit this post once invited are gone. EDIT: All gone.
  6. snuter

    [Futureshop] Preorder Halo 4 for as low as $29.99

    Thanks OP. I wasn't too hyped for Halo 4, but for $20 I'll buy it at launch!
  7. snuter

    Get 100 Free Microsoft Points courtesy of Scotiabank

    Just got mine today as well. The email is sent by "Xbox 360" and the subject said "Never pay for a movie again with a SCENE(R)* debit card*‏" Check your junk mail folder.
  8. snuter

    Flyers Jun 8-14 [Canada]

    Gravity Rush for PSV was already on display for purchase at Walmart. It is supposed to launch next Tuesday so you might be able to pick it up before it releases. Not a deal, but might interest those that want the game. I saw it at Deerfoot Meadows Walmart. They also had the 320gb MW3 PS3 bundle...
  9. snuter Game Guide Blowout

    I think stock was under 20 for each book, so I knew this wouldn't last long. Hope whoever order the guides enjoys them!
  10. snuter Game Guide Blowout

    Here are some interesting game guides. Free ground shipping on all orders! Quantities appear to be pretty limited. Good Luck! Batman Arkham City $0.13...
  11. snuter

    Shoppers June 9-10 SUPER REDEMPTION

    What is a Mega-once a year promo? (how much better than the super-once a year?) In other words, is it worth waiting for if you are slow to buy up your SDM points.
  12. snuter

    Canadian Questions & Answers Thread

    Steel Diver is a Nintendo First Party game. I think it was $9.99 a couple of weeks ago at EB games. I also saw Nintendogs and Cats for $20 and Pliotwings resort for $20. I have not seen any sales on Starfox yet (or any of Nintendo's bigger first party games like Zelda OoT, Super Mario 3d, Mario...
  13. snuter

    Costco: 2800 MS Points for $25

    Thanks. I might have to got pick up a new card if there are any more daily deals on XBLA. I think I spent 2800 points on the first day!
  14. snuter

    Gamestop Canada Boxing Day 2011 Videogame flyer full deals

    This may or may not work. The guy at my store said that the used games may also drop to $5 less than what the new game is selling for OR it might get pulled during the sale. So, for example, Batman:AC is currently $60 new and $45 used (due to online pass) It might drop to $40 new and $35 used...
  15. snuter

    WTB Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limted Edition for PS3

    I had to settle for the Limited Edition for Xbox 360 (which seemed to be very easy to find, especially in Calgary as most stores had 1-2 extra in stock.) Considering that the art book is identical, I can live with playing the games on my xbox. I am going to keep it sealed just in case a...
  16. snuter

    [DEAD] [Canada] Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Collector's Edition $59.99 []

    I just wanted to know if you received the Canadian version or US version from Amazon? (Is there English and French text on the outer black box?) Mine isn't getting here till Nov 9!
  17. snuter

    Batman Beyond Skin (xbox360)

    When looking at a fast food hamburger: A person with an Engineering degree asks "How is it made?" A person with an Accounting degree asks "How much does it cost? A person with a chemistry degree ask "What is it made off?" And a person with a liberal arts degree asks "Do you want fries with...
  18. snuter

    [Expired] Buy 3 E3 games from Future Shop - Get $60 Off

    Because the E3 games all had different release dates, they send them out as separate shipments. I have returned a previous game in store without any problems. So, in other words, I returned 1 shipment and it did not affect any of the remaining games. Hope this clears it up a little.
  19. snuter

    Canadian Questions & Answers Thread

    I did no problem. They took 3 weeks to ship my pre-order for God of War collection so as soon as it arrived I returned it. This didn't affect my order or price for Batman AC. Just make sure you print off the receipt before you go into the store. Hope this helps.
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