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    Looking For Super Nintendo And Nintendo 64 Games

    bump, another month. :-) Also have a few sealed wii games for trade if needed. Zelda Skyward Sword, Mario Party 9 and Kirby Return to Dream Land
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    WTB: Gamecube Games

    Thinking about getting into Gamecube. Listening to what you have, the more the better. Games Wanted (Prefer Complete): Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Die Hard: Vendetta Mario Party 7 (needs microphone) Mario Kart Double Dash Mario Tennis Mario Baseball Mega Man X Collection Mega Man...
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    1 Year ps4 Plus Subscription - $35

    Simple as it says in the topic, just shoot me a pm.
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    Looking For Super Nintendo And Nintendo 64 Games

    Well that sucks being 24 and your parents not allowing you to handle your own business. As long as you take paypal.....
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    Looking For Super Nintendo And Nintendo 64 Games

    Will take other games also if lotted up: I know I'm looking for these though for sure. Have some saturn stuff for trade if necessary, otherwise its just cash for me. Looking for Super Nintendo stuff, also Nintendo 64 stuff. Also, these Regular Nintendo Games listed below: List: Super...
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    WTB: Snes sports games

    Here is what I'm looking for, the more the better: NBA Live 96-98 College Slam Nba Showdown Fifa 96-98 ESPN Sunday Night NFL Madden 95-98 Nhl 95-98
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    Seller Left Me Negative Feedback When he tried to scam me...

    A few months ago I attempted to make a purchase through a member here on CAG, long story short the package never showed up. I sent multiple messages here to him on CAG (any admin can look this up), he never responded and the package never showed up. I asked for delivery confirmation #'s and...
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    Looking for 3ds Games! Mario 3ds, Mario Kart, DKC

    Here is the list of games of what I want. dkc 3ds mario kart 3ds paper mario 3ds super mario bros 2 3ds 3d mario land mario tennis 3d Mario Dreams 3ds   Message me if you are willing to sell. Thanks!
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