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    NBC's New Show... THE BABY BORROWERS!? Its not TV, Its Birth Control!

    In the UK version, the parents were allowed to see their kids (and their caretakers) 24/7 through the monitors. The entire house was monitored out the wazoo, and the parents were like two houses away. It was quite hilarious. The teen kids were "in love" and wanted a family, planned on getting...
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    So how are you negotiating the economic freefall?

    Shop at local farmers' markets for produce--less than the stores. Teach online courses, so I only go into work one day per week Shop online to save gas Get clothes at Goodwill/for the kids at kid resale shops Eat out less No real way to save on my kids' activities, unfortunately
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    What do you regret?

    In all honesty, I regret letting my mom's emotional and physical issues dictate my choices in life. Because I am an only child of a divorced parent and was raised to respect family (in general a good thing, I'm not dissing that part), I didn't do a lot of things because my mom wasn't healthy...
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    Please Tell Me This Is A Nightmare - Advice

    If you, God forbid, got hit by a bus tomorrow and couldn't pay the bills, do you think he'd stick around, support you, both financially and emotionally? Or would he bail? If you truly, really need a watershed kind of moment, despite all other evidence, test him. Come home right before you've...
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    Your name came from...^ there?

    My mom wanted to name me Suzanne Marie after her best friend and an annoying family tradition of all girls getting Marie as their middle name in my family. But while my mom was still knocked out by anesthesia, which they did back in the day, my dad came up and named me Donna Michelle, after the...
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    Good classic rock/country songs to run to?

    Slide by GooGoo Dolls Me and My Gang by Rascal Flatts Settling by Sugarland Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert Love Don't Live Here Anymore by Lady Antebellum
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    Is it weird to go see a movie by yourself?

    I didn't do it when I had a ton of friends who could drop things and go to the movies, or when my husband and I could go with each other. But now that I've got kids, sometimes I can't round up a friend to go see something last minute, or we can't get a babysitter, so I often go alone. It's not...
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    Survivor 16: Micronesia - Fans vs. Faves Official Discussion Thread - FINALE TONIGHT!

    Yeah, Huff, I know she's your bud and all, but DAMN! That girl is flat out annoying. Early on, I'd have strangled her. I'm surprised Ozzy and James didn't kill her if they all had to hang around together post-ousting. That said, watching her during the tribal council's was priceless. Every...
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    Woman in Arkansas expecting 18th kid

    Amazingly, they get no public aid and are DEBT FREE and have been for years. They have both had their real estate licenses, been insurance agents, and he started as a mechanic, then drove a tow truck, owned a trucking company, a convenience store, essentially worked his way up. I also know...
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    Anyone else here ever had problems with Paxil?

    Something I learned from my husband's time with anxiety drugs is you have to find out what's right for you. Paxil has been GREAT for him, no highs and lows, more steady, but he tried three other drugs before this. AND you have to give yourself at least a month on each one, as psychotropic...
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    Anyone here have experience ordering flowers over the internet?

    I'd just call a neighborhood florist. My husband bought through proflowers, and they were nice and all, but they would have been cheaper had they been ordered not through them. Once, when my son was born, I got a plant and some stuffed animal from a work contact. 800flowers called me to make...
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    Call before you go

    I'm surprised they shut it down. My bank calls when that happens. If we buy games at different game stores in different cities, which sometimes happens when we're traveling if we see mom and pop stores, invariably I get a call on my cell asking if it's legit.
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    I hate Group Projects!

    I teach college writing courses, and in one class there's a group project, but this one you've got sounds just nutty. Good luck with it! This is all good advice. When people come to me with #1, I still make them hand in work, but I give a big range since I know they were handicapped. Where...
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    Best Digital Camera In sub-$300 Range?

    How proficient at photography is she? Does she want something easy to take pics and get prints with? Does she want to email easily? Print the pics at home? If she's into emailing them and/or wants to print at home, the Kodak Easyshare line is unbeatable. The menu is clear and easy to use...
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    Best shoes for standing forever in

    Go to a Redwing Shoes if you have them in your area. They have nursing, construction, basically standing on your feet shoes of all varieties.
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    Anyone have the 23" Samsung LCD?

    I know you're looking at the Samsung, but if you time it right, you may want to consider the Olevia brand. We got a 36" (and I know they make a 26") for $500 last Christmas at CC. No lag with the Wii, and I love it. You can't beat the price for that. Once a guy at BB once told me July seems...
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    Favorite Board Game? Something Different?

    The only board games I play are with my kids--Candyland, Hi-Ho Cheerio, Operation (Spongebob edition), Battleship. It is kind of fun reliving things. Now that my son's almost 7 I'm teaching him how to reason out and strategize with Battleship. We can finally start playing Boggle, Jr...
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    Survivor 16: Micronesia - Fans vs. Faves Official Discussion Thread - FINALE TONIGHT!

    "Motivational Speaker" is a broad term. I know a friend of my niece's (so he was 25ish) was one for high school students. He worked with a company that tried to encourage, essentially, clean living when they went off to college. Ultimately, I wasn't surprised Amy backed down from screwing...
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    Survivor 16: Micronesia - Fans vs. Faves Official Discussion Thread - FINALE TONIGHT!

    Wow! I laughed, I cried, I cursed the TV! Geez, lots going on in last night's episode. It's a shame Jonathon had to go. Chet is a wussbag. He couldn't hold out for a few more days? I mean not that I want to see Ozzy go, but that would have been a sweet overthrow.
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