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    [W] Xbox Live Gold 12 Mo. [H] Amazon codes and Paypal

    Hello, I am looking to pick up a 12 month Xbox live code.  I am hoping to stay around the $35 range.  I have a $25 Amazon code and can make up the rest with Paypal.  Thanks in advance!
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    [H] Ni No Kuni Wizard Ed | P4 Solid Gold Ed | MLB 15 Anniversary Ed | Mionix Castor mouse | MH4U 3DS

    Do you still have any of the 1600 point codes left?
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    XBox Live 1 Yr - $39

    Payment sent.  Thanks!
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    WTB/WTT: PS1 RPGS H: VR, consoles, handhelds

    Do you have any 12 month live cards left?
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    Payment sent for one 1600 pt card.  Thanks!
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    I could use a 2000 point card.  If not, a 1600 point card would work.  PM sent as well.
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    Official Sears Clearance Thread II - post Sears finds/deals here

    Just a FYI for any of the local CAGers in the Philly area, the Sears in Exton, PA is completely wiped out, so don't waste your time. The one in the King of Prussia mall had some PS3 Eye cameras and chatpads on clearance.
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    Dr Pepper: 2011 Promo (EA Games DLC)

    Yes, I have entered about 4 in the last few days since I picked up BF3 for the PC. No problems at all for me.
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    Dr Pepper: 2011 Promo (EA Games DLC)

    Lurked again. You would think that these people would at least have the common decency to post that they used it and send you a thanks.
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    Giving away 2 copies of Modern Warfare 3 (360 only)

    Subbed and commented as Z3r0sX. Thanks!
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    Dr Pepper: 2011 Promo (EA Games DLC)

    Someone lurked it. Damn. I'm not surprised though. Thanks anyways for the kind gesture.
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    Dr Pepper: 2011 Promo (EA Games DLC)

    I PMed you as well.
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    Dr Pepper: 2011 Promo (EA Games DLC)

    I'm not going to ask for codes like the others, but I will ask what stores people have had success at for finding the bottles with the codes. Thanks!
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    Edit: Sold my DLC code and bought the other.
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    Have: Com Dom Want: Specact Kit or Gears3 DLC or Offers?

    Any interest in the SPECACT pack for BF3?
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    The world will end in 2012, read here for full details!*

    PM sent, waiting for PayPal address to send payment.
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