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    Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland ($17.95 FS) Game Deal Daily

    I haven't gotten mine yet, but my friend got his on Wednesday. :-/ Should I be worried or try and get in touch with the guy?
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    XBL Deals|7/4 Only- Witcher2, OrangeBox, More | 7/5 Only-Hitman:Absolution $10, More | ME3: Omega | BL2 DLC (Gold) | FREE Defense Grid (Gold) | MORE

    Has Jojo's ever been on sale on PSN before? If not, you guys think it will be sooner than later? I ask because I REALLY want this game, but I hear the multiplayer is dead on XBL but only kinda dead on PSN.
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    MGS HD, Silent Hill HD, UMvC3 (PS3/360?) $17.99 each Best Buy B&M + New Return Policy

    I'd be up for a copy if anyone picks up a spare in the future.
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    Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland ($17.95 FS) Game Deal Daily

    Thanks for the heads up, OP! Finally glad to get it at a good price!
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    The Dark Knight Rises Exclusive

    I honestly wouldn't value the word of an employee about them not having any Cowl Editions. I called around a few stores today and a Wal-Mart that said they didn't have any had one left, in actuality. I know this because my mom happened to be at that Wal-Mart after I called, and having known of...
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    The Dark Knight Rises Exclusive

    You are so lucky...
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    The Dark Knight Rises Exclusive

    If anybody ends up deciding to sell a Cowl copy let me know, Wal-Mart online "oversold" and I got screwed out of what I assumed was a guaranteed pre-order. Yeah, I'm pretty damn salty about it at the moment.
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    God of War Origins Collection + 1 Month Trial of PSN Plus = $19.96 (FSSS eligible)

    You can still order it, it just won't ship until it's back in stop. I was going to wait for this to hit like $15, but I figure with the free month of Plus it about works out to that anyway. Plus maybe I'll get lucky and buy something with a discount during that free trial.
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    Fear 2 (360) deals?

    Howdy folks, I just bought a copy of Fear 3 from the Microsoft Store for about $11 bucks, but I actually haven't played through the second one yet because I don't own it. Anyone seen it for $15 or less anywhere? Thanks!
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    Newegg Black Friday Gaming page (all deals line listed)

    Is Giana Sisters DS even any good? I find myself interested in it but it's more out of novelty than anything.
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    Black Friday Deals on a Desktop PC that could play TOR well?

    I know nothing about computers nowadays, but I really want to play The Old Republic when it comes out. I keep looking for a decent deal on a desktop pc (500 or less plz), but whenever I show a deal to friends who know what's what they keep saying something about how the pc's have integrated...
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    Batman: Arkham City Skins, Robin, Nightwing Preorder BBY

    I actually like being able to buy DLC this way, helps to avoid having to buy $10 or $20 cards and have leftover money that just sits there.
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    spiderman shattered dimensions (ps3/360) 19.99 @ amazon

    I'm definitely tempted, but I feel like it might make it to 15 on BF. I still need to play through Web of Shadows anyway.
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    Batman Arkham City pre-order $47.98 at

    Man how I wished this worked on the Collector's Edition.. :(
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    Freshly Picked ~ Tingle's Rupeeland $34.95 + $3.99 S/H

    I haven't seen it for that price for awhile, how did you order it? The cheapest I see it is 45 bucks...
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    DeepDiscount "Video Game Blow-out"

    Of the two items I ordered one is canceled and the other hasn't shipped yet. Thanks to CAG I wasn't remotely surprised when I got the cancellation notice.
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