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    H: CoD:AW (XB1), Paypal W: Pokemon OR/AS

    Its been a while since I've been a regular here. H: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (Xbox One) - Like New - $38 shipped Paypal W: Pokemon Omega Ruby and/or Alpha Sapphire (3DS) Halo Master Chief Collection (Xbox One) Madden 15 (Xbox One) Fifa 15 (Xbox One) Paypal
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    For Sale: Fandango code redeemable for up to $14! EXPIRES TONIGHT AT 12:01AM PST

    Man its been a while since Ive been here. Anyway, I have a Fandango code that expires tonight at 12 (pacific time). $8 or the best offer and I'll send you the code ASAP!
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    Looking for a cheap set of speakers (2.1 or 2.0)

    im looking for a cheap set of speakers for my dorm room to use with my macbook. I was looking at the logitech x-240 or the v20s (which run through usb). Anyone else have some suggestions on a nice cheap set of speakers? thanks
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    Looking for a good portable external hard drive

    Something like 160gb or 250gb, though im open to 320. Which is the best in terms of write/read speed? I was looking at the western digital passport series, which looks pretty solid. Though, id like firewire if thats possible? Ideas? Thanks
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    USB to Ethernet Adapter request

    im sure they make ethernet splitters somewhere
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    Need a Laptop, are Macbooks any good?

    macbooks are great. i used to be a pc guy, but i am slowing going over to the mac side of things. Everything seems more efficient on mac than a pc. Its a little pricey, but in the long run its worth it. The cheapest macbook is $1000, though you can get an education discount and bring it down to...
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    Want: Xbox 360 Console! Borderlands! Will buy or Trade for! Have a ton for Trade or$

    im gonna help out pimpin chris' pimp incorporated trade list evnethough he just bumped it 20 mins ago
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    30% Off ALL Shure Earbuds @

    are shure's really worth breaking the bank for?
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    Good FM transmitter + Ipod Touch skin (invisibleshield?)

    i have one of these got mine on ebay a while back as well, works pretty well, fairly strong reception. Id like it more if it would like...
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    Who has a 12 month xbl sub to sell?

    Im looking to buy a 12 month xbl code, let me know if you have one and for how much
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    In N Out vs Tommys

    whatever this tommy's crap is, forget it, in-n-out takes it, eventhough ive never even had tommy's you do also notice that every single in-n-out is built exactly the same, inside and out (with the exception of a lacking drive-thru here and there)
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    Want: Xbox 360 Console! Borderlands! Will buy or Trade for! Have a ton for Trade or$

    i havent posted in an eternity, heres a bump
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    Mouse suggestions?
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    Two XBL accounts running at the same time?

    if they want independent friends lists, achievements, etc. then $100 for 2 seperate accounts, no master account system here
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    Mouse suggestions?

    logitech mx518 or g5/g7
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    Any deals on XBL Gold 12 month currently? a good alternative
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    Any deals on XBL Gold 12 month currently?

    better coupon $10off$20NewYear2008
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    Anyone have a wireless 360 controller for sale?

    probably because i havent changed my avatar or sig in over a year, i should go change it to some warriors thing probably
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