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  1. J

    CAG & Walmart Giveaway - 3 each: South Park: The Stick of Truth Grand Wizard Edition & Infamous: Second Son

    I have been hit before by the Stick of Truth, left me a more honest man.
  2. J

    250GB phat 360 Hard Drive - $49.98 at Toys R Us

    You actually dont need the cradle if you down plan on moving the Xbox very much. Mine just sits in there and has for a while without issue. That is a really good deal.
  3. J

    Win a Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 Console Bundle from CAG - LoganDX Wins!

    I like big butts and xbox 360s and can not lie!
  4. J

    50 Cent: Blood On The Sand $7.99 @ (360)

    That game as stupid as it sounds, was really really good. Coop does rock.
  5. J

    Any deals on Xbox 360 hard drives?

    I would recommend building your own. You can score the parts (a 250 gb drive) for about $50. If you need a link to do it, let me know. It took about 30 minutes for me to do it. Saved a lot of money, and I actually have a 7200 rpm drive vs. the standard 5400 rpm... Good luck for a deal
  6. J

    X-Com Complete at Direct2drive $1.69

    I have the bundle from D2D. I keep all of the games on an USB drive and install it when ever I want to play. Works well in Vista and XP.
  7. J

    Games for Windows: Age of Empires III: 10 cents

    DRM for 10 cents?. Check. Got it. Can not wait to play it. Thanks guys.
  8. J

    GOG Weekend Deal - DotEmu games - 30/50% off

    Guess I will give Raptor a shot. Sounds and looks interesting
  9. J

    Direct2Drive 20% PC games weekend- works on preorders

    I guess I don't understand what is wrong with D2D. Have had several games from them. They allow me to re-download the games, and they don't have a large interface that I have to have running to play their games like Steam. Though I do like Steam too.
  10. J

    Halo Reach: Wheel of Halo Contest - Winners Posted!

    Hit me one more time, with a Halo Reach this time though
  11. J

    $5 off any Direct2drive Order $15 or More

    Used it. Worked great. Thanks OP!
  12. J

    Direct2Drive 24 Days of Christmas Sale - All previous daily deals active

    Just picked up Civ 4 Complete, 16$ is an amazing price for that awesome game.
  13. J Pre-Owned Box & Manual Guarantee - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    I would pick up GTA 4 so I could have my own copy and probably bioshock +Ghostbusters
  14. J

    War Week & CAG Contest - 5 Weeks of $5 Downloadable PC Games at Direct2Drive

    Ready to jump on the XCom series. My first strategy game ever that involved shooting. Played all three and they are still worth way more than 5 dollars today. May get civ 4 as I don't know where my install disk is...
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