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    CAGcast #505: Nerds to the Core

    Can we get links to the forum topics about the gamestop trade in deal and the prime day mistakes? I'd like to read about the details even if they are all over and done with.
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    Rocksteady Signed Batman: Arkham City Giveaway

    The last thing I won was a signed hockey stick by Martin Brodeur in 1997. This would be pretty good too though.
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    MLB 10 for 2k10 Xbox 360

    Its new and sealed too. I forgot to mention.
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    MLB 10 for 2k10 Xbox 360

    I have MLB 10 the Show for PS3 I want MLB 2k10 for Xbox 360. Any takers?
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    CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

    Hey Wombat. It was exciting to here that you're a Sammy too. I was wondering if you could give a shout out to Drexel students to come check out Sigma Alpha Mu since we are doing our rush events right now. If even one additional person shows up because of the Cagcast, it would be a resounding...
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    Giving away 4 free flower psn codes CONTEST OVER WINNERS ANNOUNCED CHECK OP

    PSN Squeedom. Thanks for the generosity.
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    Lips w/2 mics $19.99 YMMV

    Can u post a pic so I know what Im looking for?
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    Direct2Drive 24 Days of Christmas Sale - All previous daily deals active

    Company of Heroes is a must buy. I held out on Valor but this is a definite get.
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    Have MS point card, Want Cod XBLA code

    Trade completed, thank you.
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    Have MS point card, Want Cod XBLA code

    I thought so too, but no one has responded.
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    Have MS point card, Want Cod XBLA code

    Hmm, no replies. Do I need to offer more, I feel like $20 is a fair offer.
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    Have MS point card, Want Cod XBLA code

    To anyone who got the special edition of Modern Warfare 2, I will give you 1600 MS points for your XBLA voucher. PM Me 360 only
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    CAGcast #165: Once Upon a Time Bullet

    Hey Wombat, I feel I need to infrom you. There is already a term that describes your time bullets. Its called Alien Sapce Bat. Example of the term: To debunk the possibility of a successful Operation Sealion by saying the only way it could be...
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    Terminator Salvation price?

    Wow! your kinda a dick
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    Amazon DotD: Heroes: Season 1 & 2 for Blu-ray $60

    writers strike? seriously? wahts the excuse for season 3 and 4 then?
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    Modern Warfare 2 Gamestop Pre-Order Bonus + Collectors Edition Announced

    Its not even legit signed. They could had something really cool if each poster was signed by even only 1 Dev.
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