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  1. zer0sfx

    Black Friday 2019 Video Game Deals - Master Thread, Spreadsheet, and General Black Friday Discussion

    Seems like some bestbuy stuff is live. Just snagged RE2 and Man of Medan for $15.
  2. zer0sfx

    Humble Bundle Thread

    Humble's giving away Serial Cleaner for free right now. Turns out I already had it. Enjoy 39AIZ-B930A-BJA36
  3. zer0sfx

    Wolfenstein 2 on PSN Store

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'm a tad bit too lazy to create another account, but good luck to all who get in on this.
  4. zer0sfx

    Wolfenstein 2 on PSN Store

    It's redirecting me to the US store. Any suggestions?
  5. zer0sfx

    Guilty Gear Revelator PS4 Retail Amazon $19.99

    This. Not so much as sequel but a SF4 > Super SF4 type upgrade. This version of the game will be irrelevant shortly. Just wait for Rev 2.
  6. zer0sfx

    Random Free Codes (Drop Only, no asking for codes)

    EXPIRES TODAY (10/13)!!! Bomb King Weapon Skin for Paladins Code: PBKS285077A26FA4 Launch Paladins 1) Click STORE 2) Click REDEEM CODE 3) Enter Code 4) Click Submit
  7. zer0sfx

    Random Free Codes (Drop Only, no asking for codes)

    EXPIRES TODAY (10/13)!!! Exclusive Twitch Boss Ymir Skin for SMITE Be the Boss in SMITE with the Boss Ymir, the newest exclusive Ymir Skin in Smite. Code: APBC225D08B621984 On PC: 1) Launch SMITE 2) Click Store button 3) Click Redeem tab 4) Enter Code 5) Click REDEEM button On Xbox or PS4...
  8. zer0sfx

    Mortal Kombat X Premium edition $5.99 PCDD @

    Picked it up. Thanks OP.
  9. zer0sfx

    Street Fighter V $22.92 on

    I still get a laugh at how ignorant people are about SFV. The people who actually play fighting games will continue to enjoy SFV while the clueless internet kiddie trolls will waste away in their basements struggling to convince other people to hate it. $23 is a goddamn steal.
  10. zer0sfx

    Danimal's So Easy Contest III: The Trilogy Concludes

    Dark Souls 3 for Xbox One. Thanks!
  11. zer0sfx

    amiibo Deals and Discussion Thread

    Got one. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. zer0sfx

    (#DEAD#) 1 Free Month of GameFly (Over 50 CAGs Referred!)

    Hey randamin. It looks like they have recently ended the referral program for the time being. Sorry about that. It looks like they're offering a free one month trial without a referral though, so I would recommend you check that out. Good luck!
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