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  1. masterledz

    PS4 Sniper Elite 3 CE 29.99 Gamestop/Amazon

    Still in stock for $30 PS4 & Xbox One @ Amazon. Probably best option for this since the Best Buy in-store option is very YMMV.
  2. masterledz

    Free Official GG Button Giveaway

    Bump for deadline! Our giveaway ends this Sunday, April 19 at 12 AM EST!
  3. masterledz

    Free Official GG Button Giveaway

    Hey guys, I'm a longtime member and lurker of CAG who subscribes to the CAGcast to listen religiously. It's amazing that they've recorded 400 episodes! I was inspired by the CAGCast to start a gaming news, history, and culture podcast of my own. It's a weekly show called 1P vs. 2P, and I'm...
  4. masterledz

    Can anybody recommend me another gaming podcast that's similar to CAG?

    Thread may be dead but I'll shamelessly plug my own. It's an upstart podcast called 1P vs. 2P, released weekly. Check it out: Available on iTunes, Stitcher, RSS, site player/direct download, SoundCloud, Player FM, Last.Fm, and TuneIn.
  5. masterledz

    Luftrausers $2.50 from GamersGate (Steam Key)

    Does steak need a key to unlock its flavor?
  6. masterledz

    PS Vita 16GB Memory Card - $25 (Amazon)

    Dead - back up to $34.64
  7. masterledz

    Max Payne 3 PS3, Dragon's Crown PS3 and more at Newegg

    Does anyone know if the MGS Legacy Collection will be a limited production? Am I going to regret holding out on buying this now versus eventual price drop later?
  8. masterledz

    CAG 3.0 Upgrade - News, Updates And Progress - Dark Theme, Feedback are Live - EVERYTHING is Coming Back Soon!

    I'd like to see the home page have new graphics added. Perhaps the Cheapy/Wombat/Ship characters somewhere. Any newcomer to the site may be turned off by the sparse splash page. Just a thought - I think it's great and easy to read for the regulars but it's not exactly exciting for new users to...
  9. masterledz

    Gamefly- [DEAD] Resident Evil 6 $10, Assassin's Creed: Rev $10, Epic Mickey 2 Wii $13

    Damnit GameFly, you're draining my wallet. Great deals past couple of weeks.
  10. masterledz

    Best Used Game Retailer 2012

    Gamefly FTW
  11. masterledz

    USED PS Vita & 3DS Games $24.99 at BB

    Persona 4 The Golden is a great find for Vita here
  12. masterledz

    Max Payne 3: Special Edition (360) $35.99 with FSSS @ Amazon

    In for one, thanks OP. Already have the game, but couldn't resist the new cubicle statue.
  13. masterledz

    Tekken 6 & SoulCalibur 4 Bundle (360&PS3) $20 new @ Amazon & GS, $18 used @ GS

    This is $19.99 Prime for Amazon & GS, $17.99 used at GS. AMAZON - Tekken 6 and SoulCalibur 4 Bundle for Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 GAMESTOP - Tekken 6 and SoulCalibur 4 Bundle for Xbox 360 or Playstation 3
  14. masterledz

    Rocksmith Guitar Bundle (360/PS3/PC) $169 at Amazon (FSSS/Prime)

    QFT. The Les Paul Jr. is a great starter guitar and it usually goes for $125-150 by itself. Strongly considering picking this bundle up.
  15. masterledz

    Anarchy Reigns $20 NEW @ Gamestop

    With GS shipping, it comes out to $24.65. Amazon has it for $24.99 (Prime/FSSS).
  16. masterledz

    GOOZEX: Token FREE Trades through Jan 6

    Based on my own experience, their support/customer service team is worthless. Escalations or trade disputes (if a transaction results in negative feedback) to Goozex go unanswered for more than 3 weeks. I've since moved on to 99 Gamers, GameTZ, and here :)
  17. masterledz

    Playstation Vita Starter Kit 19.97 free shipping radioshack

    You have to click on the "view lightning deal" button on the item page. About 35 mins left.
  18. masterledz

    Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box DS $9 and Unwound Future $11.62 at Walmart

    Great price, well worth it. If only the 3DS Layton game would drop.
  19. masterledz

    Picross 3D (DS) $11 NEW at Amazon [Prime]

    Amazon is selling :ds:Picross 3D for DS new for $10.55, eligible for free Prime shipping or FSSS if your cart's total equals $25+. Not sure how long it's been at this price, but just came across the gem of a deal for DS owners. I personally highly recommend this game for any puzzle loving CAGs...
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