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  1. dmunkee

    Skylanders - Toys brought to life, Cross-platform Connectivity *Giants Out Now*

    Amazon has the gold Flameslinger in stock right now:
  2. dmunkee

    Skylanders - Toys brought to life, Cross-platform Connectivity *Giants Out Now*

    Skylanders Battlegrounds is out on iOS now:
  3. dmunkee

    Skylanders - Toys brought to life, Cross-platform Connectivity *Giants Out Now*

    Looks like TRU is doing a Buy 1 get 1 50% off sale on Skylanders this Friday and Saturday. Best deal so far I believe:
  4. dmunkee

    Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off at Amazon

    Was really hoping the new Professor Layton would be a part of this. Don't think I've seen the game on sale at all since it's release. Still, some decent games to be bad on all platforms. I imagine the eventual B2G1 will be a better deal, but this should be good if you don't want to cut it too...
  5. dmunkee


    Lucked out and got $10 off my purchase AND a $10 gift card! Thanks OP, might try to go again since I need to get groceries :)
  6. dmunkee

    Amazon Credit Deals - Borderlands 2 and More

    Release-date delivery for Infamous 2 seems to be back on for the standard version, as of this posting anyway.
  7. dmunkee

    Dragon Age 2 - BioWare's next out now! Use spoiler tags! Patch coming soon!

    Looks like the patch is live, downloaded it earlier this morning. The final patch notes: ------------------------ Dragon Age II 1.01 ------------------------ NOTE: Some plot fixes are retroactive, but not all. Players with plot-breaking bugs may need to revert to an earlier save, particularly...
  8. dmunkee

    Best Used Game Retailer 2010

    Amazon Warehouse Some good prices if you can keep an eye on them. Their games have always come in excellent condition, and most have even been re-shrinkwrapped so I don't feel like a cheap ass for giving used games as presents :lol:
  9. dmunkee

    Best Online Deal 2010

    Steam's holiday sale.
  10. dmunkee

    Best Online Game Retailer 2010

  11. dmunkee

    Best Game Value 2010

    Borderlands GOTY. Borderlands was already a massive game when it came out, including all the DLC makes it a bigger & more complete experience.
  12. dmunkee

    Biggest CAG Shopping News 2010

    Kmart actually winding up in deal posts these days. I don't shop there, but good for them.
  13. dmunkee

    Brick & Mortar Deal/Sale of the Year 2010

    Kmart. If only because Amazon winds up matching their coupon deals.
  14. dmunkee

    Best Brick & Mortar Game Retailer 2010

    Target for me. I know it's a YMMV situation, but I've made out on quite a few clearances and I can actually find shit there.
  15. dmunkee

    CAG Community Award 2010

  16. dmunkee

    Speedy1961 Deal Buster Award 2010

  17. dmunkee

    Best Game Trade-In Program 2010

    Amazon. If you keep an eye on their trade-in fluctuations, you can wind up with some really great trade values.
  18. dmunkee

    Worst B&M Game Retailer 2010

    Gamestop. I haven't stepped foot in one in over a year at this point, but based on deals alone Gamestop takes it.
  19. dmunkee

    Amazon Year End Video Game Deals

    Damn, was hoping to get Castlevania & Enslaved for next year, but decided to bite on both now. It's like Amazon wanted to guarantee I'd renew my prime membership for next year.
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