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  1. bsl918

    Best Buy ad 9/18-9/21

    Found a $5 off coupon for anyone that wants Bridesmaids. Good for bluray or DVD. Expires 11/15/2011. Makes it $14.99 after coupon at Best Buy.
  2. bsl918

    Gamestop Game Days Sale - Extra 10% off, online only

    Did anyone else receive an order verification email for their online order?
  3. bsl918

    Gamestop Game Days Sale - Extra 10% off, online only

    There should be a cancel button on the bottom of the order history. But be careful. I canceled to many times and the item limit wouldn't let me reorder the same game unless I used a different billing address.
  4. bsl918

    Gamestop Game Days Sale - Extra 10% off, online only

    If you purchase $39.99 or more, you can get 10% off AND free ground shipping. Don't know how long it will last. Promo code: FG10 Picked up Bayonetta and House of the Dead: OVERKILL for $49.48 before tax.
  5. bsl918

    Amazon $10 off Wii Sport Resort codes

    Does anyone know when do these codes expire?
  6. bsl918

    Amazon $10 off Wii Sport Resort codes

    used. thanks!
  7. bsl918

    Big Lots DVD Sets Trading Thread

    Have: Niptuck S4 Joey Complete Nightmare & Dreamscapes Friends S5 Pinky & the Brain V2 Animanicas V2 Superman Animated Series V1 Adventures of Superman S2, S5/6 Lois & Clark: New Adventures of Superman S3 Whacky Races Complete Flintstones S2 (Not Sealed), S3 The War at Home S1 Everwood S1 Tales...
  8. bsl918

    Mighty Muggs thread--pricing and locator

    I guess they restocked or something. I was there a couple weeks ago and they didn't have any venoms.
  9. bsl918

    Mighty Mugg Trading Thread

    Have: Venom (Mint condition in box) Want: The Thing Black Spiderman Peter Parker I will do a 1 for 1 trade for Peter Parker but I'd need both and some cash for the other 2. PM me if you're interested.
  10. bsl918

    $5 off coupon for any Buzz! title at Best Buy

    The email I got specifically said Buzz Master Quiz but this is even better.
  11. bsl918

    $5 off coupon for any Buzz! title at Best Buy

    Just received this in my email from Playstation Underground. $5 off coupon for ANY Buzz! title @ Best Buy Valid 09/23/08 to 10/25/08
  12. bsl918

    Guitar Hero: Rock the 80s - $20 Amazon

    In store price is also $19.99. Just picked one up today... It was labeled @ $49.99 but came up $19.99 when scanned.
  13. bsl918

    Official CIRCUIT CITY clearance game trading thread

    Have: Dynasty Warriors Gundam (Xbox 360) Want: Dynasty Warriors (Gundam PS3) PM me.
  14. bsl918

    4GB Memory pro Duo for PSP 36.99 at Costco

    Yea, it's still going on for $29.99. I just got 2 yesterday.
  15. bsl918

    Circuit City 2007-2008 Clearance Master List

    DDR Ultramix 3 Bundle for Xbox is now $17.96.
  16. bsl918

    CC $15 off $100 from 11/29-12/15/07

    I have about 4 coupons available. PM me if you need one.
  17. bsl918

    PSP Bundle $150! PS2 Slim Bundle ~$95 Clearance BIG TIME YMMV Longs B&M

    I'll buy the bundle from anyone that has an extra one for whatever the cost was plus shipping. PM me.
  18. bsl918

    Request: New Original Xbox Console System

    Hello, I have looked everywhere for a brand new original xbox and I have had no luck finding one other than eBay. If anyone knows where I can get a new one for under $200, it will be greatly appreciated. I am looking for either console only or bundle (doesn't matter). I just want the console...
  19. bsl918

    Taiko Drum Master Bundle $11.18 at Toys R Us

    Hello, If anyone have 2 extra sets or can get them for me, I'll buy them from you for purchase price plus shipping. PM me if you do. Thanks!
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