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  1. SpeedyG

    Any deals on Computer gaming mouse?

    After being a long time Razer user, when my latest Adder starting giving me issues I wanted to try something new.  Did lots of research and shopping around and decided to give this one a shot.  It's a German company called Perixx.  Dont let the $31 price fool you, it's a great mouse...
  2. SpeedyG

    The "Stay Classy, Republicans" Super Nintendo Chalmers Thread

    So maybe a hundred yards with a man-sized target using a moded AR with what appears to be Dot Scope. He'd almost have to try not to hit the targets.
  3. SpeedyG

    The 2013-14 NFL Thread

    Why are the Browns playing the entire NFC North next year?
  4. SpeedyG

    Best budget over-the-ear headphones?

    Audi Technica, hands down
  5. SpeedyG

    Official Christmas/Holiday Loot Thread

    My girl gave me 100 in Steam cards, 50 in Amazon cards, 25 in Google Play Cards and a bunch a random trinkets. All in all not bad.
  6. SpeedyG

    The NFL 2012-13 Season Thread - Super Bowl XLVII is the Harbaugh Bowl!

    Every time I see Russel Wilson being interviewed, I always expect him to begin with " The Rock Says..."!
  7. SpeedyG

    Need a new receiver

    OP: Any answer we can provide needs to have at least a budget in mind. It gives us the ability to find one in your price range.
  8. SpeedyG

    Papa John's Appreciation Day

    My secret confession is, I don't hate Papa John's Pizza. Don't get me wrong, it's fast food pizza like Pizza Hut or Marco's. But it's not bad for fast food pizza.
  9. SpeedyG

    looking to buy: Audio Headphones / Home Theater System

    Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Fostex T50RP. They're very good out of the box but amazing if you don't mind putting in a little time and effort into DIY modding. Check out for more on that. EDIT...
  10. SpeedyG

    looking to buy: Audio Headphones / Home Theater System

    And I'll vouch that the Sony's are a good buy as well. But I do think the AT's win pretty handily at that range. I really like some of Sony's higher end models but that's out of the range he set. Either way, can't go wrong with these.
  11. SpeedyG

    looking to buy: Audio Headphones / Home Theater System

    Well here is a Yamaha HTIB that's pretty decent in that range. It's 399 now but fairly regularly goes on sale for 299 on newegg. It's good for most people and uses an actual receiver so if they ever want to upgrade or replace individual items...
  12. SpeedyG

    looking to buy: Audio Headphones / Home Theater System

    It would really help if we had a budget range to work with.
  13. SpeedyG

    2012 Election Thread

    women has a major lawsuit there then she can use that money to pay for a lawyer to keep from going to prison for the second remark LOL Wow, what a pig.
  14. SpeedyG

    JC Penny uses red-white-green for "patriotic" Veteran's Day ad

    Frankly I'd be more insulted that they picked such a poor subject to put in cammies and shoot. Couldn't they actually just get a shot of a service member returning home. Instead we get a very generic US Type uniform with a pudgy dude who needs a haircut!
  15. SpeedyG

    JC Penny uses red-white-green for "patriotic" Veteran's Day ad

    Or you could be reading too much into this. Maybe it's just kids wearing jackets and the jacket colors aren't supposed to be symbolic...
  16. SpeedyG

    Election Day 2012: I Voted for Kodos

    God do I wish Victoria Jackson would have married Brynn Omdahl...
  17. SpeedyG

    GamersGate Thread

    How's the PC versions of these games? Are they crummy console ports or is it worth it to go ahead and pick up. I'm not really concerned about always on DRM (Just happy they stopped using Starforce it killed a few devices of mine a few years ago).
  18. SpeedyG

    2012 Election Thread

    In Bill's defense, who hasn't gotten a hummer from a fat chick and tried to cover it up?
  19. SpeedyG

    2012 Election Thread

    And we're back to no moderator and a man interrupting the President of the United States while he's trying to speak.
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