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  1. Mooplaid

    John's big thread of site news, fixes, updates, and more! Something broken? Report it here.

    Yes, I'm starting to get this on Chrome for Android. It's incredibly annoying as it hijacks the page. Have to shut down the tab to proceed. Had another site I visit have this exact issue with their ad network and apparently they couldn't nail it down and shut down that ad stream until they...
  2. Mooplaid

    Limited Run Games Thread - Nothing is Limited, We Make Everything Now!

    Yea, that one I'm really worried about. Had fun with the first one on my TurboGrafx and would love to have a physical one for the PS4. :) But seeing how the past few weeks have gone, I'm dubious on my chances.
  3. Mooplaid

    Limited Run Games Thread - Nothing is Limited, We Make Everything Now!

    Well, I had hoped to get Night Trap but got in queue at 5PM (Central) and by the time I got out it was sold out.  Seemed to take longer than normal.  Haven't been buying LRG games long, a few months, but this one was a tad frustrating.  They had to know, being a formerly controversial game and...
  4. Mooplaid

    CAG 4.0 Announcement & Feature List

    I'm excited for the update and hope to see it soon (soon soon, not Rockstar or Blizzard soon  :razz: ).  But however long it takes, seems like it'll be a really cool update.  A few questions though: 1)  Currently whenever I click a link on the site, Ghostery for Chrome blocks it.  I do not have...
  5. Mooplaid

    GameStop Credit Card Users

    I seen the earlier post on the breach, and had looked and not seen anything that looked like it wasn't mine prior (though am double checking now).  But then this Arizona hotel and donuts.  I mean, heck, at the very least they could have sent me some.  It's been years since I've had Dunkin'...
  6. Mooplaid

    GameStop Credit Card Users

    I am posting this here so that more people see it, and I am aware it is not a deal.  This is related to the GameStop breach.  I got the letter like a lot of people here did.  Well, I got a call on my BBY card this morning and someone was using it in Arizona at a hotel and also bought $100 bucks...
  7. Mooplaid

    Class of Heroes 2G PS3 "Possible" Physical Release

    I did it earlier this morning and it worked fine.  Got it about 10-15 seconds after I signed up.  It was a very short email.
  8. Mooplaid

    24-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership (digital) for $69.99, comes out to $34.99 per year

    Has anyone ordered this without issue?  I'd like to get a code for my father but obviously not if it's a scam. :)
  9. Mooplaid

    Best Buy @Gamer coupons for 4/6 to 5/3

    If you have to spare, I'd be quite grateful and appreciative. :D Thanks for the offer. :)
  10. Mooplaid

    Best Buy @Gamer coupons for 4/6 to 5/3

    I was hoping to get in on the GoW deal, but haven't had the coupons in awhile.  Darn.  Not much I've been wanting lately via the coupons, but the GoW looked interesting. It'd be nice if they changed their minds down the road concerning the coupons but I highly doubt it.
  11. Mooplaid

    CAG & Walmart Giveaway - 3 each: South Park: The Stick of Truth Grand Wizard Edition & Infamous: Second Son

    Nice contest!  Already have Stick of Truth for 360, but wouldn't mind Second Son. :)
  12. Mooplaid

    Farming Simulator 2013 (PS3) (UK IMPORT) 39.99 = 3.99 shiping

    I like games like this.  Love strategy and simulation games.  Have been wanting to pick this up, 'cept most likely for the 360.
  13. Mooplaid

    Singularity, Red Faction: Arma (PS3), Rise of Nightmares (360), Blood Drive (360) $10

    The reason I didn't comment on it is I don't have a Kinect. ;) Were I to think I might eventually get one, I might pick it up. However, I doubt I'll have my own Kinect before the new 360 system launches. It's good that you enjoyed the game and have no regrets on your early purchase. It's not...
  14. Mooplaid

    Singularity, Red Faction: Arma (PS3), Rise of Nightmares (360), Blood Drive (360) $10

    Blood Drive is the only one on the list I thought I might try. That bad, huh? Be aware I already have tried Singularity and it's pretty good. I've yet to finish it, however. Someday! :D But a large backlog of games to go still. On another note, I love your signature! Such a great movie...
  15. Mooplaid

    Win a Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 Console Bundle from CAG - LoganDX Wins!

    Winning this would be quite awesome. A Halo console would run rings around my other systems. :whee:;) Hope I can win it!
  16. Mooplaid

    Free Minecraft Pig Head Avatar Item - McDonalds

    Thank you very much! I was able to get both. :D Ask a friend if you can text from their phone. Simple enough. I doubt they'd have an issue with it. Copy the code from the message, go to, paste in "Redeem Code" field, voila! Cow and piggie head. :P
  17. Mooplaid

    Dodonpachi Resurrection deluxe PAL 360: $16 (£9.95) @ thehut

    Well, I'm more upset at my card company, as I've not ever had them cancel a card first before calling to see if what I was doing was a valid charge. Glad you've not had to deal with that. :)
  18. Mooplaid

    Dodonpachi Resurrection deluxe PAL 360: $16 (£9.95) @ thehut

    Well, I figured out why I couldn't get my credit card to work. My credit card company called and apparently this site is on their 'fraud list' or something, and shut down my card without asking. :bomb: Now the card that I use for everything and have tons of auto-charges on is useless. I am...
  19. Mooplaid

    Dodonpachi Resurrection deluxe PAL 360: $16 (£9.95) @ thehut

    Trying to buy, but it doesn't seem to want to take my credit card. I'm not sure if it's due to having the address fields all wonky or what. I might have to resort to Paypal, of which I rarely use. Those that have used credit cards, how'd you insert your address?
  20. Mooplaid

    Sin City 2-disc Recut + Extended Blu-Ray $6.99 Best Buy B&M only?

    I actually take care of the movies at one of the local Best Buy stores, and the price will continue for awhile. If memory serves, it goes through the 31st. And won't show instock if the store has less than three on-hand (that number might vary now but last I knew it was three)...
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