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  1. acthechamp

    NewEgg Wolfenstein 2 & Fallout 4 GOTY $25

    Agreed. That and Hitman were two of my favorite games from last year.
  2. acthechamp

    (NEW) Quantum Break $13.82

    Fully worth it at this price, IMO. Loved the game when it came out.
  3. acthechamp

    Official Playstation VR Deals and Discussion Thread

    Yet, it has a 78% score on Metacritic.
  4. acthechamp

    Official Playstation VR Deals and Discussion Thread

    He could go to the Dollar Store and buy something. Now he paid $20 for Doom + <something> whereas other folks paid $20 for Doom.
  5. acthechamp

    Destiny 2 PS4, XBox One, PC $22.99 / $18.39 (GCU) at Best Buy

    Omg. The price tanking of this item is insane!
  6. acthechamp

    20% off PSN coupon in ‘What’s New’ weekly email YMMV

    An extra code would be nice, if anyone's got one.
  7. acthechamp

    H: 20% off in-cart PSN code; W: God of War PSX 2017 Dynamic Theme code

    Will you take $5 PSN or PayPal?
  8. acthechamp

    W: 20% off PSN H: $5 PayPal

    Really need the 20% off PSN!
  9. acthechamp

    Call of Duty: WWII $25 from Nebraska Furniture Mart*

    Gawd dammit this is way dead.
  10. acthechamp

    NEWEGG- 40% off select games with code

    Did not work on AC: Origins for PS4 :(
  11. acthechamp

    Call of Duty WW2: $39.88 @ Brandsmart USA (11/5-11/11)

    That 4 hours really worth $8? (presuming you have GCU)
  12. acthechamp

    Call of Duty WW2: $39.88 @ Brandsmart USA (11/5-11/11)

    Where is the option to chat? I don't see it on the site or on the app anymore.
  13. acthechamp

    $5 Amazon Gift Card at Coca

    Does this include Dasani?
  14. acthechamp

    20% Off Coupon In This Week's PSN Store Update Email YMMV

    If anyone's got a 20% off PSN, I would gladly take one. Could use it :)
  15. acthechamp

    TRU: Assassins Creed Americas XBOX 360 .03! YMMV

    Doesn't matter. Deal posted is about something else. And it's definitely not BTTF.
  16. acthechamp

    NBA 2K18 (X1, PS4): $39.88 - Brandsmart USA

    I will say this. NBA 2K was one of my favorite series until this game. They've absolutely ruined the experience with micro transactions everywhere, like literally for almost every single damn thing. The grind to become better is awful. Easily could take you over 20 hours to improve your player...
  17. acthechamp

    Best Buy: $1 off ANY games w/ in store pick up

    Don't understand why some folks are being dicks on this thread. It's a good thing to know, and a $1 saved is a $1 earned pretty much.
  18. acthechamp

    Blue Joy-Con in stock at (MSRP Alert)

    Absolutely ridiculous pricing for controllers. I wish consumers wouldn't buy them. This just convinces other companies to up the amount on controllers in the future. Imagine PS5 controllers coming out at $80 or even $100.
  19. acthechamp

    Official Playstation VR Deals and Discussion Thread

    I hate the wires set up for the PS VR. There is way too much going on, in my opinion. I wish it were more wireless. PS VR 2!
  20. acthechamp

    XBL Deals - 2017, Part II

    I used MoviePass this past weekend. Worked great! Saw Logan Lucky and Baby Driver.
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