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Keeping the format the same... "Wii threads erupt" That's for a few different reasons, but the main one is mob mentality and the crying of people trying to justify why one thing sells over their beloved. All of them end up the same way, all of them use the same tired arguments, and all of them are functionally useless. You said so yourself - it's cathartic to commiserate, but that's incredibly poor reasoning, a victim of peer pressure/groupthink. "PCs doing it before = straw man" Ok. [I]Games[/I] before have done everything his generation, console and PC included. "Wii is hostile toward networking and DLC" Networking? Yes. No one can defend friend codes, and I've first hand experience at the absolute terror it is getting games of Brawl to actually work, to say nothing of lag, lack of voice chat, and the overall broken, un-unifed nature of the system. I'd be insane to argue otherwise, especially in the face of just how beautifully XBL works. DLC? Phbhbbht. DLC - with the exceptions of Rock Band and Guitar Hero - is its own enemy. This is another discussion entirely, but the basic tenant is that you can't insert new data into something that was designed to have an end. Fallout 3, again, is the best example here - seems like the DLC there was a flop. Generally speaking, the problem is that you can't create an area with all factors considered - if I go in too powerful/weak, if I don't need the reward it will give me because I've already got something better, etc etc. So the solution is to just tack it on to the end of the original game, but this doesn't work that well because it almost always appears vestigial in execution. I'd expound on it further but it's not really here or there. "Brawl" Again, I skimmed the article, found some nonsense about how "Oh the story isn't as good as [I]Sopranos,"[/I] laughed, punched myself in the nuts, and wondered aloud just how bad a writer the author was. If you wanted a story in Brawl, you were looking for the wrong thing in the wrong place, because it's pretty clear that the Subspace Emissary was there more as a "hey look - we tried to beef up the single player at least SOMEWHAT, because we know sometimes you can't play with friends, and even though this game is built for multiplayer, we at least tried to meet you halfway" rather than provide you with [I]The Grapes of Wrath.[/I] That whole tirade comes off as little more than a "I knew it was going to be bad, and then it was bad, so now I'm going to say it was bad," and end up looking like a gigantic prick while doing so. It would have been like criticizing Madden for not having a story. Point being is that the story doesn't exist in Brawl. It never will. Everyone played this off like "Oh look the Brawl guys are telling us they are making big epic storiez," and that's just bullshit - they were appeasing, not promising something beefy. That's why you look like an idiot when you argue otherwise - you're putting words in their mouth, bitching when the expectations [I]you made up[/I] aren't met, and passing off that disappointment as some sort of entitlement you were promised that never happened. And that's all bullshit. Saying it has poor aesthetics I find highly suspect, because no one else had a problem with the graphics and all agreed it looked beautiful in motion. Which it does. You're also showing off - again - a really narrow minded approach here, when you dismiss a dozen new fighters as "useless crap," to say nothing of the (stupid) claim that poor online somehow = poor game altogether. You don't like the game, fine. I don't need paragraphs to hear it, and every time I see one under any circumstances, I know the person saying it is just trying to appear intellectual in order to feel good about themselves. You then trod off into something about "milking" but "not changing," which .... you know I have no clue what that means. The hardcore Melee fans hate Brawl. The hardcore 64 fans hate Melee [I]and[/I] Brawl. So that doesn't hold water. Further, three games in one series over 8 years is milking? There's been more Halo, MGS, God of War, GTA, etc etc in the SAME time span, ALL of which are just as similar. The milking argument is a sore spot with me because everyone is SO BAD at truly understanding it. You finish with some half-hearted comment that seems to say "no one new is ever going to like Smash," which I find....a poor thing to say, because there's no way to really argue for or against it, and as such, nothing is going to change there. But I [I]can[/I] say that being so sure of yourself is the problem. "I want the Wii to fail" You can say that, but then "nothing good since Warioware." [I]Really?[/I] Come on. That's pretentious in about ten thousand different flavors. "Motion controls aren't the paradigm shift they should be" Two main comments. 1) The current Wiimote sucks. I actually speculated a long time ago that Nintendo blew their wad with Wii Sports in terms of unique motion mechanics, because I recognized just how shallow it all was [I]even then.[/I] Yes, at the time I was having a lot of fun, but it didn't take me long to see just how little could be honestly programmed. The Motion+ thing is supposed to fix this, but the point is that yes - it's not shifting anything because it really is so poorly capable of determining honest movements. 2) That first problem causes this one, which is that there is little being done development-wise to actually attempt honestly good motion. This is why there's so much shovelware, this is why even Nintendo can't seemingly think up much to do. However, the other side of this is that third parties either A) don't care, B) are hostile, or C) seemingly just want to cash in. There's so few examples where the motion is implemented well, first/second/third parties across the board. Again, does Motion+ solve this? The answer is that it CAN, but WILL IT is another story, because that requires devs to actually give more than two shits. I'm not convinced yet in the same manner I'm not convinced all this big bad powerful tech is actually providing me with new experiences. THAT is the main crux of my entire argument here, which is that I'm sick and tired of hearing "oh motion doesn't innovate," because NOTHING IS. "Spent their load for real gaming" That's just pompous. That's so incredibly pompous. That's like saying the Xbox is nothing more than a vehicle for Halo. There's plenty of good software out there, it's just that it isn't in the two whole genres the "hardcores" want. You can't sit there and tell me that because that's just another subjective opinion as fact bullshit. "DS as counterpoint/banking on the PSP" Very few companies banked on the PSP - Square and Konami might be the biggest examples. I think they knew it was a nice, powerful system, and perhaps are tired of Nintendo's stodginess when it comes to beefing up their portable systems. But the DS started selling well almost instantly. The difference between it and the Wii is that NO ONE expected the Wii to sell due to Nintendo's current console track record, but EVERYONE knew their handheld reputation was virtually spotless and full of sales. It's actually very little surprise to me that the DS turned into the success it was, simply because it had every reason to succeed. At this point, I don't feel that the situation with the DS is comparable to the Wii for a variety of reasons, the main one being that so many developers actually attempted to make good software for it from the get-go, where as [I]just now[/I] are we finally seeing some quality games from third parties showing up for the Wii. 2008 was a shitty year for the Wii simply because Nintendo seemingly turned off their software valve, which I suspect is because they feverishly tried to get a lot of their big titles out with the first 1.5 years. They succeeded, but then hit a drought once again (which they always do). It hurt more this time because third parties shunned the system, or released crap, or ignored it, or under-delivered, or whatever. I don't know. Frankly I don't really care because at this point, Nintendo could functionally not release software for a year, and sales would take a hit, but it would still be successful overall. This all said, this year is off to a better start. But that's not going to change the minds of the trendy fanboys at all, because they'll do the same song and dance they've done the last three years. I just wish I didn't have to sit there and be directly insulted by Nintendo, the development community, and every other gamer out there, simply because I enjoy what I've got and have high expectations that I'll willingly use AGAINST what is being plopped onto my plate.
Feb 07 2009 09:37 PM