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"DLC vs LBP" Alright. Since we're differentiating and now talking about something different, it's worth commentating on further. Boom Blox 2 will have this feature. Blast Works already did. Yes, it is not comparable to what PSN/XBL can do. There's no way around that. Only other comment is that pretending that there's a wealth of good content from user-generated channels is laughable, since most people are bad at it (Yahtzee talked about this in his LBP review this week). That doesn't mean it shouldn't be attempted, but it DOES mean that it is vastly overrated. "Smooth Moves" Oh, you meant pinnacle of controls. No real argument then. I took it more as "there's never been a better game since then," which I took as a dumb assertion to make. "Brawl" Because "people still bought it" is a poor justification for anything, because people will [I]buy[/I] anything. You're still coming at this game in this "oh it was just a bare minimum" mentality, which I frankly can't understand. It had a wealth of online features, online gameplay, an OST that rivals anything that's come out in years both in quality and quantity, a huge smattering of characters, and the gameplay is absolutely technically perfect. The quality of the animations ALONE refute this - every character was completely redone, all of them swing weapons in unique ways, etc etc. There's a hell of a lot more going on than you give it credit for, and I'm quite sorry that you're so content to wave it off as so little for reasons that you're failing to explain. Which gets under my skin because the same thing in a 360 game is heralded as awesome, like Tomb Raider have "real time dirt accumulation" and other bullshit. Here's a better example: Animal Crossing. THAT I could understand, since that truly IS a rehashing, with little to NO added content, save for some VERY small things. However, even THAT doesn't suddenly make me think the game is bad - if it still plays well, IT PLAYS WELL, and if I'm willing to pay for it, then that's MY decision. "Just selling to addicts and those in caves" is stupid proposition. Madden does that. Halo does that. Both of them are selling to both the same core base AND have a big portion of people who ONLY play them. So yes - same exact thing. Why bitch about Brawl doing it when you've clearly got a double standard going on? Just admit you've got some pent up baseless rage against the game for no damn reason beyond "I don't like it," and instead just want to dress those four words up in a few hundred to try and make it appear more substantial. Christ. Even I don't do that shit with games I didn't have fun with, no matter how disappointing, because I'd rather just make the assertion and move the fuck on. Get over yourself, talking about one of the best games on the system in this entirely dismissal manner, as if that PROVES you are right and somehow weakens the whole system as a whole. I don't like Dead Rising, but I don't condemn the 360 because of it. That's stupid. "Gimmickry" Pompous, pompous, pompous. I feel I should copy and paste that a few dozen times, but that would make me look like an ass. Just because YOU don't get your money's worth doesn't mean OTHERS don't, which is more or less the ENTIRE problem I've tried to express here. I've gotten more play out of the damn thing than I ever did with my Gamecube OR N64, and that is for a host of reasons - nice games, being able to play with friends and family who'd never touch the stuff, etc etc. It's not fanboy, it's not blind praise - it's simple fact, at least FOR ME it is, which I'm always careful to make sure those around me understand, because I can't speak for others. Yeah, the experience isn't some world shattering thing, and I won't ever claim it to be. But this nonsense attitude so many people have these days that "Oh my god, it doesn't have ____ like the other system does" as if something is stopping them from having multiple systems is just a ludicrous position to have. I bought the thing for Mario, Zelda, Brawl, and other first party games - I don't give a fuck less about third parties, since I count those as icing on the cake situations, or "other system" scenarios. I've got a 360, and I haven't gotten $200 worth out of it yet. But I'm not bitching that I never will, because I know that will eventually happen, and also because I couldn't dare say it to all the trendy idiots that are rampant on the 'net these days, who would crucify me from not having any kind of interest in the three whole genres the 360 is flooded with. I will say - without hesitation - that [I]Braid[/I] is singularly the best gaming experience I've probably had in several years, and makes the 360 worth $199 by itself. But I'm still looking for that final dollar. It's like you people don't even understand what you are saying anymore. Again, if these big manly machines make you feel so fulfilled, can you honestly tell me you couldn't enjoy anything before them? [I]Really?[/I] That's so beyond logic and reason that it OUGHT to hurt one's brain, especially since it hurts mine so badly. You know - again - I thought you had sent that message for some honest reason, perhaps to have an actual good discussion, but you're just ramming the same stupid shit down my throat that's shoveled all over the goddamn 'net these days - the same broken record opinion-as-fact falsehoods - and entirely refusing to even CONSIDER that [I]maybe[/I] your perspective isn't end-all-be-all. And if that's the case, we're done here.
Feb 07 2009 11:47 PM