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40+ year old gamer and proud father of two sons 6&7. My first game was Wizardry on my Apple IIc before moving on to a Commodore 64 and losing days playing Ultima. Spent 6 years in the Marine during the first Gulf War, and currently working as a RN (weird I know... first shooting at people then stitching them up as a profession). I am working on a second degree in Networking, hoping to go into medical IT in a few years. Retro gamer at heart and proud gaming dad, if anyone wants a group on steam or just wants to bs. Just add me. Always up for a chat. Click here to add me --> [IMG]http://steamsignature.com/AddFriend.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://steamsignature.com/classic-76561198056146032.png[/IMG]
Aug 08 2012 03:33 AM