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Yeah, though I HATE going to LoDo on Friday nights. Eventhough I know were the outcasts (not out clubbing and good portion of us drink little to none) it's so packed with people trying to get into clubs and parking is a bitch (which explains why two or three weeks ago I was getting out and accidentally bumped into another car). Though still fun if you know, can survive the hassle of getting there. Though yeah! Bring people! We're trying to spread the word around as much as we can and make some kinda damn community out of this (hence recruited to me being a "street team" member). Did I mention slavery also offers benefits like bread and water after a day spent making pyramids? Plus plenty of motivational whippings! It's like Christmas if it...well, you know, really sucked....I mean was swelling from welts of awesomeness!
Oct 14 2008 06:53 AM