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Well you can call it a justification complex that I wanted you to agree that if a person doesn't have any allegiance to Nintendo, and they don't have a problem paying (-$50, +$150) more for an HD console, that the Wii is in an awkward place between last-gen and current gen. If current games weren't enough to convince this person, and knowing Nintendo's next entries are just as likely coming out for their next console rather than the Wii given their M.O., then advocating for the Wii -- as a sound investment in gaming -- becomes an even more tenuous position. It boils down to this: if it's a game where gameplay trumps hardware requirements, then any console including last-gen will do, and if it's a game where the more resources you have the better, then the beefier the console the better. And tiebreaker goes to gauging the console's potential based on momentum: recent and upcoming games. Numerous developers have been quoted extolling how natural it is to program on a continuation of the GC architecture. It is far from the shitstorm caused by the PS3. Now if devs are hung up on motion controls when Xbox-quality games could be implemented on it motion control-free, well then it's got a lot to do with Nintendo deciding on a remote form factor controller that doesn't play traditional games well (and discontinuing Wavebirds really shows how much they care). And if it has to do with Nintendo holding out details on its SDK to third parties (like the well known complaints devs had about not getting info on Mii integration, network, motion+, and storage capabilities, all unnecessary to making an enjoyable game last-gen) then that's not exactly reassuring for the Wii being a good current-gen platform going forward. You can say that we should call the first 2 years a wash, but it's not like Nintendo is doing all it can to help third-parties, besides smugly telling them they bet on the wrong horse. So basically it boils down to Nintendo coming up with a new approach to consoles, then repeatedly making design decision mistakes that negatively affect the non-grandmother class of gamer. Huge sales can mask this unhealthiness, but here on CAG amongst gamers, there is a sense that the Wii is on a downhill trajectory. The most worrying part is that Nintendo made similar mistakes in the past. Now with their attention focused laterally toward quasi-games geared toward non-gamers and "lapsed" gamer interests, that worrying is generating written comments on the matter. It's not like we have it in for Nintendo. Companies doing the same thing, like Ubisoft or THQ, are getting ripped [I]proportionally to their prominence[/I]. Their actions are causing these reactions. If I really were upset that my favorite console was not doing as well as the Wii, then I'd be writing screeds against the 360, considering numerous times when 360 exclusives have taken games I want. If I were confident that the Wii was a good enough console, I'd be much happier having it take those exclusives from the PS3 since I have both. Except I have a sense of dread when games suddenly switch to coming out for Wii, because I fear those games will do nothing for me. No matter what true combination of reasons caused the current state of affairs, the state of the Wii in reality is not going to change quickly or easily. You can call it a combination of development nuances or subtleties, gamer prejudices and ignorance, etc. The difficulty in solving any of those shows huge uncertainty in the state of affairs getting better.
Feb 08 2009 08:43 PM