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RT @nytrosenthal: British royal born in fanciest ward :$15000. Average US birth: billed $30,000; paid $18,000. What's wrong here? http://t.…
Locked Status Jul 23 2013 07:41 PM
  • RKasa's Photo
    If by "issues", you mean the US healthcare industry's abhorrent prioritization of profit over everything else, then yes.
    Jul 24 2013 12:44 AM
  • weevles's Photo
    It's a different ideology here than in the UK for sure. UK takes their system as a matter of national pride. The US is about capitalism and the American Dream. Profit is what makes America "the land of opportunity", although now in times of economic distress, we are seeing the widest gap between the rich and poor than ever before. Certainly, we have a lot more poor people these days.
    Jul 24 2013 02:49 AM
  • RKasa's Photo
    Why are you so fixated on just the UK? The article isn't just about Britain; the retweet was only using the cost of the royal birth as an example. LOTS of first-world countries have healthcare that is just as good (or better) and costs much less than it does here.

    Please go and actually read the article. It used to be that other countries would look to the US as a model to follow, but not anymore, and this is just another reason why. That doesn't make you sad?
    Jul 24 2013 04:28 AM