$10 off at Gamefly Store AC for members, check your email


Got any email today from Gamefly with a 10 dollar off coupon which is good till 11/26/07. They are calling it a thanksgiving sale. It can be compined with others discount coupons. Check your email.
I just received my coupon. The coupon expires on 11/26/07 and you can use it with the "Keep It" feature.
[quote name='feezy']I just received my coupon. The coupon expires on 11/26/07 and you can use it with the "Keep It" feature.[/quote]
Really? I thought if you did the "Keep It" it just charges your card directly.

Either way I picked up GRAW 2 for 9 bucks.
Does this have a limit on how many uses? I just got the email and am going to be picking up a few games since you can get quite a few for only a couple bucks.
[quote name='ighosty']Really? I thought if you did the "Keep It" it just charges your card directly.

Either way I picked up GRAW 2 for 9 bucks.[/quote]

Is that true? I just started a trial membership, you think it'll work for Heavenly Sword and COD4 even though they're not in the store?
[quote name='mywhitenoise']Do these coupon codes work with the 'Keep It' feature? The game I want doesn't have a 'buy it' link, but 'keep it' if I rent it.[/QUOTE]

Yes, they do. I used my coupon to keep Assassin's Creed.
Mehhh...my coupon was only for $5 off. I wonder if it's cuz i still have an active $5 rewards coupon, but still...i feel gypped.
[quote name='mywhitenoise']What's the coupon? For us who don't get the email...or is it specific to each persons account?[/quote]

one time use
[quote name='ighosty']one time use[/quote]

awh that sucks, I probably wont get one then, since I just signed up now, and only as a trial member.
My trail just rolled over to a payed sub. about 5 days ago and it was in my email this morning. I so wish this was good for more than one use.
hmm been a member for a month myself (renews tomorrow)

anyways debating between a few games right now
(prices after coupon)
PS2 - Odin Sphere for $13.99
Xbox 360 -
NCAA Football '08 for $18.99
Command and Conquer 3 for $15.99
Dead Rising $12.99
Enchanted Arms $7.99
Nice! Thanks for the heads up, OP. I'll be watching my e-mail, haven't received it yet but have been a member for about two weeks shy of a year.
Hmm, I havn't gotten anything yet, Been a member for over a year. If I do get a 10 dollar discount though, I might do a keep it now with mass effect. Since the copy I got is bascally new, getting it for 34 bucks is pretty nice. I could even sell it for a little profit even.
[quote name='dubbfoolio']this must only be for newer members. nothing for me either.[/quote]

Nope I've been a member for a year and I received it this morning. sadly I bought re4 from them yesterday :(
I've been a member for a year now, and I don't have anything yet. I'm hoping I get it because I have a few games that I'd like to get.
Seems like the long time members are getting shafted here whilst all of the new people are getting the coupon. Dick move, Gamefly!
Member for 2 years, no coupon. What about loyalty you stupid fuckers?! If I wasn't paid through until next September I'd cancel. >_
i've been a member for 4 months and got the $10 coupon it also stacks with any existing coupons you have (i had a $5 one) so i kept Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (360) for $25.
I just signed up on Sunday (1 out at a time) and I received my coupon. Sorry to those that haven't. Argh.. this means I have to play through R&C as fast as I can as I wouldn't want to use it for this game (not much replay). Hope I can score CoD4 though.

Thanks for the heads up. :)
I've been a member for ~7 months and haven't gotten anything yet. Definately gonna bitch if I don't get it by tomorrow.
Member for one year and I've purchased several games through their online store... no coupon.

I don't see why they wouldn't want to send a coupon to everyone... I bet most members are likely to use it. I sure would.
I got mine today. Just after I bought COD3 with my $5 Reward Money and then cancelled my account. Like 15 minutes after my cancellation email.
My brother got his $10 coupon and been a member for almost 3 months...I've been a member for 4 years and I still don't have it?!? /end sarcasm
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