15% off all games at Meijer all week long + daily deals


Meijer is having a sale of 15% off all their games throughout the week. These sales will also stack with the following:

15% off purchases made on a Meijer credit card (so almost 30% off video games) (Meijer cards also give 10% off of their first purchases. So if you signed up for a card you would get 15% off game, 15% off all purchases that day, and 10% off all first day purchases for the card. Huge stacking)

Summer Bucks (basically santa bucks. So depending on the game you get, you'll get an additional $5-ish off the game)

with Duke Nukem, Alice, and Child of Eden coming out this week figured a few people may want to know.
[quote name='cardsharkrob']Was wondering how do you know Summer Bucks this weekend?[/QUOTE]

Just very reliable information
I was just wondering. My mom works there and if this is true might buy a game this week, 15 percent off, plus summer bucks plus she gets 10 percent off
[quote name='grungygamer']Does anyone know if systems are included in this sale, or is it software only?[/QUOTE]

Software only.

YMMV on this but take in the Target(...or Kmart) ad with 15% off PSN or XBLA card, price match that...use a Meijer credit card get an additional 15% off, if your signing up today another bonus 10% off...or on Fri/Sat get $2-5 extra off of the card.

All Meijers will price match if you bring in an ad, some may not do percentage price matching. You'd have a better shot checking out in-front and not at the electronics counter for that one.
[quote name='xskaxninjax']Woo Meier still has a deal![/QUOTE]

lol, YES! Now, *this* is how your format a thread title when Meijer has a deal....:D
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