3 month ultimate cards

this isn't a bad deal, but since i'm still good for another year and a half, i'll wait for basement pricing between now and then.

Reminder to turn off recurring billing before redeeming each code, in case they offer you a month free for turning it on. It worked once for me since it had been over a year but stopped after that. YMMV but a free month is $15 in value, so always try!

Do they ever expire? If I wanna stock up for the future but I’m currently capped
They don't expire, but last year target accidentally sent out two codes for each order and if you didn't redeem it that night, by morning they voided the Xbox codes. So like, they shouldn't expire but CAN be voided if they have a reason. I wouldn't sit on them
Anyone having problems with target gift card center not opening?,i got the email and when i click on the link for the gift card code from the email it just times out.and i can not find a code in my order history on the target website.

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