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Amazon DVG Deals

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I’ve got some news I’m both excited and sad to share with you at the same time. I’ll be leaving the Digital Video Games team in Mid-March to join the marketing team for’s Loyalty and Rewards program, Amazon Coins. My boss and I have talked extensively about how to maintain and continue our presence here and across the other communities we’ve created in the past couple of years. To that end I’d like to introduce you to Josh, who take over monitoring, updating, and responding to this thread. Josh will be ramping up over the next couple of weeks, he  will be posting shortly to introduce himself.

Now that the “what’s going on” part of the message is out of the way I want to tell you all how much I love CAG and the posters here. This was the first community I joined when I started this job (anyone still remember that first thread?) and all of you have had a huge hand in shaping how we think about and execute Community Development and Management here at Amazon, which has in turn shaped my career these last two and a half years.

I started to write out a section calling out the regular posters and realized the list would be both overly long and incomplete at the same time. Instead I’d like to thank you all again, you all have my deep and sincere gratitude. I’ll still be around and my gaming accounts aren’t going anywhere so feel free to hit me up anytime you want to chat. I’ll probably still hang out in the thread too :).

Thanks again everyone, let me or Josh know if you have any questions!

The Indie Store has launched! is launching a storefront dedicated to supporting and promoting PC/Mac/Web-based Indie Games. Our Digital Video Games team is a small group of passionate gamers and we’re all really excited to help Indie developers reach more customers quickly by providing a quick and simple process for bringing their games to market. Additionally we’ll be supporting the Indie Store with a ton of promotions, both at and after launch. Many of these promotions are designed to give the developer the opportunity to maximize their revenue. For example, Amazon is forfeiting all royalties from bundle sales and passing them along directly to the developer, we’ve also created an “Indie Spotlight” program to help customers learn more about the games and developers they love. We view the Indie developers as some of the most creative in the industry and we want to help them continue to create new and innovative experience for customers.

Why we are doing this:

  • Allow customers to discover an entirely new category of games on
  • Help developers reach new customers quickly. Our onboarding process is straightforward and we want to sell every Indie game available
  • We want to leverage our strengths to support and help the developers who are driving forward innovation and creativity in the games industry
General Information

Hi CAGs,
I'll be posting deals we're running on Digital Games (PC/Mac, Free to Play, Sony/Microsoft Points/Subs).

I'm also here to answer questions you might have, get you closer to the developers by hosting Q&As, setting up podcasts, live streaming gameplay etc. If I don't respond to a question you have in thread please send me a PM. These ping my email address and make it more likely that I will see your question and respond more quickly.


FYI. EA Games sold by Amazon will not activate on Steam.

1. Does the game I'm buying from Amazon Activate on Steam/Origin/Uplay? What DRM does the game use?

There are two places to identify DRM on a digital video game detail page:

At the top of the page, below the title:


In the "Product Description" section:


2. Note on Electronic Arts Games - For the most part, EA games sold on Amazon do not activate on Steam. Most activate on Origin.

3. Note on DRM with limited activations:

Our Policy

4. Sometimes I'll do giveaways.

5. I work with developers and publishers to get fun (or at least what I think is fun) content to share with you all. Here are some examples:

a. Check out the Pax Gameplay videos here: Xcom: Enemy Unknown I played Xcom with Jake, the Creative Director for the game, a few months before the game came out Also, on this page, check out the Q&A, also a community driven event.

b. Check out the interview on this page: Borderlands 2 we did this interview at E3 with Randy Pitchford this year.

c. We've partnered with the ++GoodGames Podcast to feature many of the games we carry. They talk to the developers about the game development process, how the games are conceptualized and managed, all kinds of fun stuff. I'm working on putting together full link list and will update when I have it.

What else do we sell?

Xbox Live Points and Subscriptions:

1600 Microsoft Live Points
4000 Microsoft Live Points
12 Month XBOX Live Subscription
3 Month XBOX Live Subscription]
12 Month + 1 XBOX Live Subscription

PSN+ Subscriptions and PSN Points:

$20 PSN Points
$50 PSN Points
12 Month PSN+ Subscription
3 Month PSN+ Subscription

We also have a Free-2-Play store supported by our GameConnect technology. Gameconnect allows you to link your account with free-2-play and MMO accounts so that you can buy things like in game currency, premium game time/subscriptions, in game items, etc. on using your payment options and have this content delivered directly into your game.

5. Price Matching notes: Generally we do not match international retailers (GMG, Gamersgate, etc) or physical retailers (Best Buy,, etc.)
To check out the Free-2-Play games we offer you can visit our storefront here: Free-2-Play Store

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There are no codes, it was all a ploy by Cheapy to get more people reading the thread, clicking on links, and earning more referral money!

Everyone but me can now leave and not worry about missing anything.


I'll be on my way then good sir.. May I gift you Bad Rats I mean Fowl Space..

Thank you


There's a difference between DLC/add-ons that unlock things EARLY, and then there are micro-transactions that are required if you want to actually progress. I don't believe AC4 has anything like that (micro-transactions).
Well it's not required to advance but it's still buying in game currency like metal/wood for ship upgrades so you don't have to find them yourself. I look at that as a micro-transaction.

Damn - if only LN was given AC4 game-keys to code-drop. ;)
96 hours including the Freedom Cry DLC and 100% everything in the single player, got my money's worth. I haven't played the Aveline content yet and they said there will be more single player stuff with the season pass but I'm starting to doubt that.

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This is exactly what's going to happen.

Should someone start another thread for all the crying (myself likely included) when members registered for more than a couple days miss out on codes to newbies?
Don't worry so much about new users. Don't know how it is now, but when i registered last year, you weren't able to send PM for 30 days since registration, i suppose it's still like that.

and who knows new users could become regulars and some day end up posting free crap for others to win. All because they signed up to win something. Which I think keeps this site going for a while and is a good thing. 

EDIT: Ok you guys, the giveaway is CLOSED

I've received over 150 PMs, it will take me some time to sort through them. I'm sure all the codes would have been claimed by now anyway.  I will give an update when I regain my legs.

The following games and quantities are up for grabs:

Grid 2 (PSN): 7
F1 2013 (PSN): 8
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Origin): 6
Burnout Paradise (Origin): 5
Final Exam (Steam): 3
Contrast (Steam): 3
Dead Island: Riptide (Steam): 10
Double Fine 4-Pack (Steam): 10
Metro: Last Light (Steam): 10
Which is a total of 62. 
I'm going to be dropping 1 (ONE) copy each of Grid 2 (PS3), F1 2013 (PS3), Need for Speed HP (Origin), Burnout Paradise (Origin), Dead Island Riptide (Steam), Double Fine 4-Pack (Steam) and Metro: Last Light (Steam) as a free-for-all. This is not included in the above totals. These will be dropped within the next hour, assuming I'm not too buried in PMs.
I'm also trying to save 5 copies of Metro: Last Light, and 4 copies of Dead Island: Riptide to give folks who aren't here right now a chance to get them. I'm not sure if I'll drop them or do another PM pass, but either way that will likely happen in the evening hours.
Ok, now for the fun part everyone has been waiting for.
When you PM, if you're interested in more than one game, please give them as a list
1) First Choice
2) Second Choice
3) Third Choice
I'm going to do my best to make sure they are given out in first-come-first-served order, while keeping in mind how many copies of a game are available, to try to maximize the chances of everybody getting something that they want.
I'm not sure if there's a limit on how many PMs I can receive, but I'll do my best to keep it open for everyone. 
And the games included in the Double Fine 4-Pack are Psychonauts, Costume Quest, Stacking, and Brutal Legend
Alright, you guys... I'm hiding under my umbrella. (ella, ella, eh eh eh),
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