Amazon shipping question


Quick question for anyone who's bought an Xbox 360 from Amazon in the past: Did the carrier require a signature for delivery? My Elite is being delivered tomorrow and just wanted to see if I needed to take the day off work to wait and sign for the delivery. Thanks in advance!
I don't recall having to sign for any Amazon packages off the top of my head, but, but signing for stuff seems to be up to the delivery person. If they think its safe, they'll just leave it. I have had to sign for international Amazon shipments (from Japan), though.

You just have to hope they leave it at the right house. I've had a $300 Amazon package left at an empty home up the street (someone cleaning the place dropped the package off by my house a week after I reported it lost).
If you're in the US, signed delivery has less to do with the store you buy from and more to do with the policies of the carrier for your zip code.

For example, in my suburban area, UPS will leave any package valued under $500 on my doorstep--everything above that requires a signature. A buddy of mine in the city has to sign for just about everything.

You can always call the carrier (UPS or FedEx) and have them hold the package for pick-up, although it might be too late if it's expected tomorrow.
Thank you both for your helpful replies! In the past, I've never signed for anything from Amazon, but have signed for stuff from UPS in the past (the carrier for this order), so I guess I'll have to wait and see. Thanks again!
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