Amazon - the wonderful 101 wii u - 17.98

Sad that this has been sitting in my backlog since the great Target buy two get one sale from last November, but I'm planning to drag the Wii U back out this weekend and finally try it out. Good price, though!
Great price for a great game. It's nice that a lot of the Wii U games are finally available at cheap prices. I've picked up a ton of games under $20 with a lot of those available for $10, or less.
I tried the demo for this awhile back and missed out on its last sale price. Just bit for one. Thank you OP!! ^_^
[quote name="Bezerker" post="11821673" timestamp="1402150366"]Its already $9 @ TRU[/quote]

Is at in-store price? Online price is $17.98
Finally started it this afternoon, and I played it until my Gamepad ran out of juice. It reminds me of an old school beat em up with puzzle elements, and I can see some similarities to Bayonetta, which isn't a surprise since both titles are made by Platinum Games. Drawing the shapes on the Gamepad is kind of a pain, though. I'm planning to finally break down and buy a Pro Controller for this one. But, I'm enjoying it so far.
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