Anime & Manga Steals and Deals (Rightstuf, Amazon, DD...etc)


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 Anime Steals and Deals

**It is highly recommended you check the latest posts in this thread as they will often have the most up to date deals. I will attempt to reflect these sales in the OP, but always check the latest posts.**


Rightstuf runs studio sales every week, sometimes even twice a week. These range from anime, manga, and even artbooks. Prices are decent, and Rightstuf has amazing customer service. I highly recommend them for that alone.

You can save an additional 10% off a majority of their items (Including preorders) by buying their Got Anime membership


Amazon tends to offer lower everyday prices on their anime, and often run sales on Funimation items routinely. Keep track on your favorites or check your daily deal's for a possible 5% off of some based off your history on Amazon. 

(Also, I'd also recommend to check out Amazon's top 100 deals in Anime Bluray/DVD as they tend to show what's popular, or what is on sale.)   (Blu Ray) (DVD)

DVDPlanet / Deep Discount

Known by many for their bad customer service, they often make up for it with their lower prices on a lot of their items. This and they routinely run sales specifically for anime.

I highly suggest when you order from them to only order in stock items, and not ones that are backordered. Save yourself the displeasure of having to deal with the headaches. And patience is a must with these sites.


Maybe you will find something here on our own forums! We have a thread dedicated specifically to Anime and Manga for sale from fellow Cags.

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Just noticed rightstuf charges sales tax now.Less and less reason to buy from rightstuf after the merger.
You do realize that all online stores need to be collecting use tax now, right, if the state imposes it? That's the law. It's not a choice.
Barnes and Noble is having a 50% off all hardcovers "in store" starting today through the 27th. Includes manga hardcovers. Grabbed a bunch of Vinland Saga and Blade of Immortal volumes I needed when they did the sale last year. 

I have a boatload of hardcover manga so their isn't a lot for me to pick up when they do these sales but this morning I grabbed:

Saint Young Men Vol 7-9 (already have 1-6)

Fist of the North Star Vol 7 (already have 1-6)

The Promised Neverland artbook

For the Kids I Saw in My Dreams Vol 1, 3, 6 (these were the only 3 they had)

All digital but amazon has a ton of seasons and movies for $3.49 (all digital). My Hero Academia (seasons and movies), Black Clover, Titan, Reincarnated Slime, Fire Force, chainsaw dude, Code Geass, etc. Seems to be prime only pricing.


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Sentai early black friday sale has some amazing deals:


Damn that sale is crazy. I kept myself from buying too much since holidays are coming up.

My pickups:

Amagi Brilliant Park - $5

Danmachi S1 - $5

Girls' Last Tour - $12

Hidamari Sketch Graduation OVA - $9

Himouto Umaru-chan S1 - $5

This Art Club Has a Problem - $4

And gifts for my sister:

ClassicaLoid - $4

Hakumei to Mikochi - $9

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless - $5

Finally finished my Hidamari Sketch set. The Picture Perfect Collection (which is at a great price of $30) does not include the graduation episodes, so make sure to pick it up if you get the collection.

If you're looking for something to top off to free shipping, I highly rec Hakumei to Mikochi for $9, My Love Story for $5, or the first two seasons of Non Non Biyori for $8.

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Can anyone point me somewhere to buy a bluray for the first Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution movie?

I put off buying physical for too long and now it appears to be out of stock everywhere. The third movie just came out so it seems strange that 1 is just gone, maybe because of the Cruncyroll merger. I can't even find used. I've searched all the bigger sites I know off and only found different region discs for UK/Australia and Japan.
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