anyone leaving iOS for another os?


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Up for a renewal at the end of May and since I have grown old of iOS. I love it, I am just looking for something different. Knowing that leaving certain os ecosystems isnt as bad as I thought it would be, I have narrowed down my choice to two devices:

Blackberry Z10

I like both and both have a lot to offer me. For those that have the phone, or have the privilege of having both, let me know what you think about both phones.

I am pretty much just playing the waiting game
I personally regret getting the Samsung Galaxy SIII and trading in my iPhone 4s last year ;( I legitimately miss iOS. I could hook my iphone up to my cars headunit and get much better sound quality than just an AUX cable, I could browse the app store for hours and hours and get so many awesome apps, even the camera was better (in my personal opinion of course). I will probably try and sell my SIII soon and get the next iphone whenever it becomes available.

I know this reply is not what you were looking forward to, but its just my input
for those of you that got androids, which phones do you own or plan on getting if you are at the tail end of a contract?

HTC One looks like a great phone, but it feels too big, even with my big hands. I am looking for a bigger screen, its like Goldilocks and the three phones. One's too small, ones too big, this ones juuuuuuust right
The last iPhone I had was the 3Gs. I just cant stand apple's BS... I mean, I cant even use a micro SD card in my iPhone?? Just so apple can charge hundreds more for the 64GB version?? I like the iOS operating system because it is quick and responsive, but it is so locked down like their hardware that I just cant stand it. You have to jailbreak it just to use some of the apps you want to use that arent "apple approved", not to mention the added apple tax - you can get a comparable non-apple phone with similar (if not better) specs for usually half the price.

Its a total racket. Apple purposefully left out an SD card slot just so you cant save hundreds of dollars and buy the smallest GB iPhone version and pop a 32GB SD card in it. If apple werent so greedy and at the very least added a micro SD card slot, that would have made me somewhat more content with using one of their devices.

It also pisses me off that they release a new iPhone every 6 to 8 months, then they stop supporting the older generation phones with the new iOS releases. You spend $700 on a new iPhone just to have it be outdated in less than a year...then you have to spend another $700 for the new iPhone 5, 6, 7, etc... Its the same with the BS iPad - release a new one every 8 months and the last generation iPad instantly goes down in value by half. You cant expand the memory in it either, like the iPhone, so you download games and videos and music and fill it up constantly, so you are always having to look for stuff to delete so you can fit something else on there. iCrap devices just frustrate me more than anything. They look all nice and shiny, and the OS is nice and responsive...but they are intentionally crippled and very limited.

As it is, I have had an Android phone since around the time the iPhone 4 came out and havent looked back once. Everything I do on my computer I can do on my Android phone. I absolutely love it. Most games that I had to pay for on the iTunes store I can get for free on Android. Sure there are a couple ads here and there, but I usually shut my data off to save battery when Im not using it, so I dont even see the ads. Any app I can think of I can find, download, and use on my LG android phone. I got a LG Nitro HD (duo core 1.5GHz, 8MP camera, etc.) and it is the best smart phone I have ever had. Rarely do I have any problems with it, and it is quick and responsive. Battery life is great - I can be listening to music on it for 8 hours straight at work and the battery is only down to 65%...even with a live/animated wallpaper going in the background.

Also, WiFi reception is hands down way better on my Android phone than in any iPhone I ever had. At work I was lucky to get 1 bar on the wifi router we have in the lobby. I usually get 2 to 3 bars all day long on my Android phone. Also, the cell phone reception seems better as well. I used to get no bars at my buddys house out in the sticks unless I went outside. With my Android phone I get at least 1 to 2 bars of cell phone reception, and that is with the burly Ballistic case I have on it so I wont destroy my phone at work. Even the camera seems more clear and crisp on my LG Android phone.

I just love the fact that android, or non-apple devices, allow for the use of micro SD memory expansions, so if I fill up the 16 or 32GB micro SD card in my phone, I just pop the full one out and stick a new one in and I am good to go. I have a 16GB card just full of mp3s and archer TV episodes to listen to and watch at work. Absolutely love it. :)
[quote name='confoosious']i still love ios but I bought a nexus 7 and it's awesome. so glad I didn't spend more for the ipad mini.[/QUOTE]

Same here, thought theres not point getting iPad mini might as well try something new.

If Windows had better apps, sales etc similar to iOS and Android i'd probably switch to that.
[quote name='saunderscowie']Same here, thought theres not point getting iPad mini might as well try something new.

If Windows had better apps, sales etc similar to iOS and Android i'd probably switch to that.[/QUOTE]

I mostly just read and surf the web on my tablet, but I'm insanely curious about the Win8 tablet because the Office apps look pretty fleshed out, which is something that I'd actually use if I had the opportunity and Office-like apps weren't so clunky on other platforms.
I've had androids for a while and its a great OS. However I recently got a Windows 8 phone and I gotta say. Its fantastic. I got the HTC Win 8X and I love it. I mostly browse the net and use twitter for news.

A couple big pluses I feel is the platform combines social functions into one interface. Texting and messaging on Facebook can be done through the same clean interface. I'm not a fan of Facebook but do use it so this is a great option for me. Plus the options and integration into Skydrive is much simpler imo.

The app selections isn't nearly as good but I was picky about what apps I put on anyways. Most of the heavy hitters are accounted for plus the integration with XBox and games available there is really nice.

I know Win 8 isn't one of the big 2 but I'm extremely happy with it.
Personally, I don't know why you'd want to leave iOS. I've used Android, iOS, WebOS, PalmOS and Windows 6,7 on phones, and nothing compares to iOS. However, if you really want to leave, you'd have to be crazy to choose Blackberry. I mean seriously, they're dead in the water and that's all there is to it. A year from now, people won't even remember Blackberry. Go with the HTC One. At least you'll be able to get custom ROMs to make it decent.
I've actually gone from Android to IOS, kind of miss some features from Android, but they're implementing some of them finally, like the Do not Disturb feature.
Last device I used with iOS was my iPod Touch 1G. Still on 3.1.3 and I still use it regularly, but Apple just annoys me.
I'm not fanboy, but I'm very happy with my iPad 2 and iPhone 4s and doubt I'd ever switch since I'm so invested in iOS apps now.

I did a lot of comparing before taking the plunge. I got the tablet first and there wasn't (and as far as I know still aren't) any Android tablets with 9.7"+ screens in 4:3 ratio. My main tablet uses are reading PDF docs and word docs and 16x9 screens are just too narrow in portrait orientation.

Phone wise I was pretty much set on the iPhone since I had already had the iPad for a good while when I took the smartphone plunge. And I wasn't interested in a screen bigger than 3.5" as I have the iPad for anything that's better with a larger screen and care more about my phone being small and not bulky in my pocket.
I sold my iPhone 5 and got the Note 2. I got tired of iOS and the Apple restrictions. I had the iphone 4 and moved to the 5 but it was more of the same.

Android is very customizable and I will never go back to iOS.
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