Arcade1up Scam

CAG had on the front page what appeared as a sale for arcade1up. Clicking on that front page ad led to what appeared as the Arcade1up page where it appeared as gaming cabinets where priced 80% off. Basically $100 per cabinet. Turns out page was fake and they gathered many cc numbers
I fell for that crap. I locked and subsequently cancelled my card. But the card company doesn’t see this as normal fraud and I had to wait for the charges to post and then go through a disputed process. Even though I’ll probably get my money back, it’s not guaranteed
So. Some advice for those "about" to dispute a transaction.

When i called my cc bank on same day of transaction they said payment had to process before dispute. Once it processed, i called and i went the honest route. I said i entered my CC info on fraudulent site. Now bank has to investigate this fraudulent site.

For a faster refund, i should have called 5 days after the purchase and have said "merchant did not mail out my items." I would've gotten refunded within a week's time.
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