Are these worth anything?


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I found a cool little game shop one a couple towns over, and I saw a few items that I'm not sure if are worth anything. Let me know if this is stuff that would be worth picking up to sell for profit, or just to people who have been looking for them - at cost (because I'm a nice guy like that)

Desert Strike (SNES) - sealed - $8.99
Final Fantasy VII (PS1) - rare misprint version - $79.99 (and the store has like 4 of these)
OLD, OLD Game Informer, EGM, Nintendo Power, etc - around $1 each

and some other stuff. Is any of this worth picking up?
FFVII most definitely is not (unless it's sealed.) The misprint version, from what I have come to see, isn't rare at all. I honestly can't remember a copy that HASN'T had the misprint, but I haven't seen many. If you're lucky, you can find a BL copy on eBay for between $20 and $30 shipped, maybe even less. Can't say anything about Desert Strike, but maybe there's a market for old video game magazines.


Here's a few completed eBay auctions to just give you an idea of how much you could get a BL FFVII for

BL/Complete/good condition/$20.50 shipped
BL/no manual/good condition/$24.50 shipped
BL case GH discs/complete/good condition/$24.50 shipped
BL/complete?/good condition/$22.11 shipped

So, honestly, it's not uncommon to find a BL copy for fairly cheap. If you're looking to flip, don't do it. If you want to play it, just go search on eBay for a few days.
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The Final Fantasy 7 misprint isn't as hot as it used to be; I see various misprints on ebay right now in the $50-70 range so there's no money to be made there. I believe I had a misprint back-liner not too long ago for a FF7 and I didn't shed a tear when selling it somewhere under $50.

The sealed Desert Strike is something you might want to pick up for a personal collection; videogamerarity guide has it listed at $24 new (market is lower I bet) and even though it's common I'd say it's a good game to have.

Nintendo Powers before the n64 era are getting more difficult to find--if you can make complete runs in good condition before issue 50 I'd say go for it.
Alright guys. Thanks for the help. Next time I'm in that area, I'll drop by again and see if they have anything else interesting. I was considering picking up Desert Strike, but I don't have an SNES anymore and wasn't sure if there was a market for it here.
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