Auctions gone wrong No. Infinity +1 - eBay scammer


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Jason Donley of Saint Paul, MN is selling resealed games as authentic brand new.
Without inspecting the product, most people may not notice and just pop their games in to play. If I am going to spend more money on a 'new' item versus 'used', then I want to be damn sure it is actually new. On the discs, there are thin spiral patterns on the bottom, which is a sign of buffing. In addition, any cover art imperfections do not match any imprints from the seals, and there is an excessive amount of glue used on the Y-folds. Disc arts may have residue on them: likely, this is from a cleaning solution.
He has a couple of negatives for resealing items and selling them as new, but I think most people don't know what to look for when looking at whether an item is genuine or not. Anyways, I took a flyer on four "new and sealed" PS3 games at $75 hoping the few negatives were off. Unfortunately, the negatives are one-hundred percent true. 
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